Barry M’s Latest Offering…

Hey Lovelies,

So it’s Friday whooooohoooo, to celebrate the handing in of my first essay of the term I decided in my wisdom to go Christmas shopping but alas every other person seemed to have the same idea and I ended up going home after realising I didn’t really know what I wanted to get and was fed up of being barged into or being stuck behind slow walkers who make me to just punch them in the back of a head. I’m not usually a violent person by the way, Christmas shopping just stresses me out!

Rant over, onto the actual post, Barry M have released a couple new lipstick shades “oooh” this was pretty exciting to me as the new shades which are ‘Pale Nude’ and ‘Pale Pink’ actually looked like wearable shades! I went to Boots and decided on Pale Pink otherwise known as 155 (catchy name there) Pale Nude was nice but it still looked a little too pale for my liking, nothing like the 101 Marshmallow pale (that lipstick shade should be banned imo) so settled for the pink which reminded me of a nice pink lipstick that Millie from Made in Chelsea was wearing in a couple of episodes. So I thought buying a lipstick would ultimately turn me into a beautiful, flawless make up artist, it didn’t… when will I ever learn?

 It’s not that bright in real life, silly lighting!

I like this colour, but I only dab it on to my lips to get just a swash of the colour, it’s a cool toned pink which I don’t think is that flattering for my skin tone *damn the lighting in Boots* but with just a dab of the colour and some nude lipgloss it looks lovely. I think this is great for just adding a little bit of colour to my face and I’ve been pairing it with a pink blusher to achieve a girly look. The consistency isn’t great, a little drying and definitely matte, I much prefer it with a gloss. But for £4.00 ish you can’t really complain too much.

The result of a dab of Pale Pink lipstick with Barry M nude/toffee lipgloss

It’s quite long lasting when topped with a gloss, but I think this is due to the lipstick’s consistency as it’s matte so it almost sticks to your lips, ultimately I think this lipstick is a really pretty colour but I don’t think I’ll be rushing to buy another Barry M lipstick in a hurry. Have you ever tried Barry M’s lipsticks?

I hope you all have a lovely Friday evening, I am planning to try and get on with some more uni work, oh the joys eh! I hope you all have a much more interesting evening! 🙂