Gorgeous, girlie beauty storage…

Hey Lovelies,

A little different post to normal today it’s not about beauty products it’s about how I store them.. ooh exciting eh 😉

So I’ve just woken up from a nap * I wrote this post yesterday afternoon and then my laptop started playing up so I couldn’t post until now..* so I’m feeling a bit ‘who am I’ kind of thing as I usually do when I’ve had a nap, so this may not actually make sense so if it doesn’t it’s because I’m post nap sleepy talking!

So as most girls, I love gorgeous girly accessories for the home. If I had my way the flat would be kitted head to toe (can you say that when describing flats?) in Cath Kidston esque things; duvets, cushions, plates, accessories, etc. But however I live with my boyfriend who probably couldn’t imagine anything worse than living in a flat full of ‘twee’ things but so we compromised. I have a few girly things in the flat and I’m desperate for some fairy lights so I need to win him round for that! But when I saw these pretty girly storage boxes, I just knew I had to have them and thought they would make a beautiful asset to our flat.

I saw these on the Tesco Direct website and I thought considering the quality and gorgeous-ness of the design, the price of 2 boxes for £10.00 was quite a bargain. Our bathroom in our current flat is smaller than our old flat’s so it means we don’t have much storage space, the bathroom cupboard houses all our my beauty  products so there’s no room for the cleaning products anywhere. I thought if we got a pretty basket for the cleaning products it wouldn’t look too dodge having the bleach and bathroom wipes for everyone to see. I also thought by having them out, people would know we clean, not that I live in a state, quite the opposite really but you know what I mean?

I have used the smaller box of the two on my bedside drawers where I’ve put my everyday essentials such as my Liz Earle toner and moisturiser, deodorant, perfume and body moisturiser all together. This saves space and stops me knocking over all the bottles whenever I open/close the curtains. I really love these little wicker baskets, and if I had my way I would be buying all the others from the range (there’s a laundry basket and much much more!)

Also slightly less pretty storage is this Twist and Lock storage from Argos, because we live in a rented flat we don’t really want to be putting nails on the wall etc so this little gadget is perfect for us. It has these suction things that stick to the wall, it makes our bath look so much tidier and I’m tempted to get another one for the soap and stuff above the sink. However this doesn’t like heavy shampoo as when I put my new shampoo and conditioner on there the gadget promptly fell off the wall with an almighty bang and scared me half to death. So if you buy one, please be aware of this!

So there we go some pretty storage and some post nap waffle for you! What do you store your beauty products in?

I hope you all have a lovely Friday, it’s the weekend yay!