A Grand Unveiling…

Hey lovelies!

Just a quick one from me today, can we still count right now as today? It’s dark outside which to me means night but it’s five pm so that’s a tad too early for night time but hey ho, I’ll stop blabberring, here’s just a little post from me at this very moment in time! I just pointed at the screen in a ‘that’ll do’ way. Ha I shouldn’t be left alone all day I tell you.

Basically the reason for this very random and out of the ordinary post is to introduce you all to my bit on the side… my new fashion blog *drum roll, carnival music, applause* I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about how one of my uni modules this year requires me to set up a new media project. Being a blogger already it seemed to be honest the easiest best option to set up a new fashion side to Dizzybrunette3. I was going to slam it all into this blog but I thought I’ve worked really hard on this blog and the beauty side so thought I’d just set up a new one and it makes everything a little easier to follow!

So please go and have a look if you want and follow if you like! There’s only the one post up at the moment but there will be more to come very soon! I’m going to be posting outfit posts, my favourite fashion picks, celebrity styles and well whatever else takes my fancy. Of course it’ll all be written in the same rambley style which my posts are normally like here!

So the all important blog link and seriously un-inventive name (I swear I am so un creative when it comes to thinking of names for stuff, I think when I’m older and have children they’ll probably be called boy/girl as I just can’t think of anything original these days) sorry I digress.. the name and link is…….

Fashion According to Dizzybrunette3 

If you click on the big words above it will take you to my new blog! OOOOOOOH. 

I hope you all realise I am being a bit sarcastic here and don’t worry I am not dropping all things beauty, Dizzybrunette3 will be my main priority but ‘Fashion According to….’ is a little sideline project. I hope you like it and don’t think it’s too naff. 

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday evening, I bet you can all guess what I’ll be doing tonight…. Watching the Xfactor of course 🙂