OOTD- Stealing Caroline Flack’s style…

Hey lovelies!

I think I’ve mentioned on here before that I have been loving Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack’s style lately. She seems to love her shorts just like me and she always knows how to dress her petite figure which is great for a fellow petite person. She seems to also love Peter Pan collars at the moment which is something that I also am loving at the moment!

I found this blog called She’s a secret shopper which totally deserves more followers and it’s a blog where the girl behind the blog ‘Sienna’ finds any clothes that celebrities have worn. She also has a style crush on Caroline Flack so it’s great for finding out where all her amazing outfits are from. A couple of Saturdays ago, Caroline wore a white blouse and shorts combo on the Xtra Factor and I basically fell in love with the shorts which were from Miss Seflridge. They’re black with a PU trip on the pockets which I love. I love the whole leather short trend but I just don’t think I can pull it off, so these are incorporating the leather short look without it being too much.

Top: New Look- Kids Section ( I’m a size 8 and the age 14-15 fits fine)

Shorts: Miss Selfridge (belt included)

Boots: Primark 

I also managed to find a very Caroline Flack esque top from none other the kids section in New Look! I loved the contrast of the cream lace and black peter pan collar, it was ¬£12.00 ish which was great and it fitted perfectly, I tell you having a child like top half pays off sometimes! However it may be slightly awkward if I go somewhere and there’s a child in the same top as me, I’ll have to avoid children for a little while maybe.

Slight inspiration..

I really like this outfit as it’s nice but not too smart, I’m always one who likes to dress nice for uni, apart from my first year when I was a wild party animal, I never turn up in just jeans and a hoodie. One day in my first year, I went in with NO MAKE UP. Urgh this makes me shudder. So this kind of outfit is right up my street!

Are there any celebrities style who you adore?

Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday afternoon, I’m trying to muster some motivation to do some uni work!

P.S I have finally bought myself a domain so now this is blog is Dizzybrunette3.com. Ooh how profesh does that sound? Also remember Dizzybrunette3 now has a facebook page so get liking!