Peace man….

Hey lovelies!

I’ve just had a little chuckle to myself about the title of the blogpost, it reminded me of the days of The Spice Girls and when the two fingered peace sign was ‘the pose’ to pull in photos. In several pictures of me from when I’m like 8/9 I am doing the peace sign. Oh funny times.

So before I start boring you all with my stories of being a child and how I got my wonky elbow by doing cartwheels or falling over on sports day (see I bet you want me to tell these stories now don’t you?) I will get onto my actual subject of the post which sadly isn’t about The Spice Girls.

If you follow me on Twitter (if you don’t why not?! Ha just joking, the link is on your right though if you do want to follow) you will know that I am a big fan of Made in Chelsea. Monday nights are definitely brightened up by the likes of Caggie, Spencer and Mr. Mcvitie Jamie. My ultimate fave though is the gorgeous Millie. Whenever she’s on screen, I am literally bowled over by how perfect her hair/make up/clothes is and think ‘gosh I wish I looked like her.’ A few episodes back I noticed she was wearing some really gorgeous peace/love earrings and saw that jewellery maker Zara Taylor tweeted that they were in fact her earrings. I was tempted but did forget about them and got on with my everyday life. Then in last week’s episode I noticed she was wearing them again! So I hopped onto Zara Taylor’s twitter page to see she was running a special 20% discount for Halloween.

So with the discount and me having some pennies in my Paypal account (which totes doesn’t count as real money) I decided to order the earrings. They arrived this morning and I really love them. Ultimately Millie does wear them better, but she could wear a bin bag and still look fabulous while at the moment I look like a pale lump.

I’ve made Millie’s picture small as I don’t want her upstaging me on my own blog 😉 Source of picture

I think these are quite a good price for the quality and if they’re good enough for the likes of Made in Chelsea people they’re good enough for me!

You can buy the same earrings from the Zara Taylor page HERE priced at £12.99.

What do you think of these earrings/Made in Chelsea, does anyone else have a girl crush on Millie?! I swear I have more girl crushes these days than boy crushes, please someone else tell me they’re the same… LOL.

I hope you all have a lovely Monday evening, I am going to attempt to start an essay which 1. has nothing to do with media and 2. I know nothing about. Pah.