What was in my Look Beauty goody bag?

Hey Lovelies!

So as I mentioned in my post yesterday, I got an amazing goody bag from the Look Beauty launch on Tuesday night. Look were so generous and I have literally so many things I want to talk about I was tempted to split this into two posts. But then I thought I always get annoyed when films do that (HELLO TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN) so I thought I’d pop it all in one massive post. I don’t really know why in my head I compared my blog posts to film. Hmm weird.
I’m going to divide what I got into departments to make this easier to read. 🙂


 Swatches- Tutu, Lurex and Triple Hit Eyeshadow Party Fever

  • Two Standout Eyes Single Eyeshadows (£4.00) in the shades Lurex- Shade 32 ( a metallic silver) and Tutu- Shade 28 (a sheer pearly baby pink) 
  • Triple Hit Trio Eyeshadow (£7.50)- Party Fever- Shade 3- ( a trio of purple colours)
  • Stretch Factor Mascara (£6.00) 
  • Thoughts so far:  I have only swatched the eyeshadows so far, but Lurex is definitely my favourite at the moment, I think Tutu will make a lovely highlighter for cheeks etc and I’m looking forward to experimenting with some purple eyeshadows as it’s a great colour for brown eyes. I’ve tried the mascara and was impressed, it’s waterproof which I love but doesn’t give you false lash effect lashes. I am one for the ‘in your face’ lashes so this is a little subtle for me, but I love the look when it’s layered with my Rimmel Day to Night mascara. This would be a great mascara for when on holiday. 


  • Loud Lips Lipstick (£7.00) Tangerine Cream- Shade 2 
  • Double Hit Lip (£7.00) Pink Punch- Shade 3. 
  • Thoughts so far:  The lipsticks caught my eye at the launch, I loved the variety of colours and fell in love typically with a nude colour. Being a nude lipstick girl at heart, I was a bit nervous about having two brighter than what I’d normally use lip colours in my goody bag, but I’m glad that I did have them as I wouldn’t of necessarily bought them myself. The lipstick I have is tangerine cream which I would describe a peachy pink colour, which I am loving. I have been pairing it with my Barry M toffee lipgloss and it looks so lovely, it just adds a little bit of colour to my face. The Double Hit Lip is a right clever little gadget, this is a lipgloss and lipstick in one. One end is the lipstick, the other the gloss and the colours are so pigmented! Pink Punch is what can be described as a barbie pink. I never thought I could pull this colour off but I am actually loving it. I think this will be fab for a night out or even in the day paired with simple make up. I did feel a bit like Xfactor ‘Two Shoes’ when I first put this on but now I love it. Maybe I will be embracing brighter lippies from now on. 

 Swatches of Double Hit Lip in Pink Punch 

Yours truely rocking a pink pout! ( Please note I look rough because these were taken at like midnight after a evening of travelling about in London) 


  • Holiday Glow Bronzer (£8.00)- Rio- Shade 3
  • Thoughts- This is a dark slightly shimmery bronzer, I think that I will use this as maybe as a blush rather than a bronzer as it’s a little too dark for all over the face. It definitely reminds me of a Nars blush though, I can’t think of the name though! 


  • Nail Pop (£5.00)-Corsage- Shade 8 
  • Nail Pop (£5.00)- Catsuit- Shade 5
  • Thoughts- I haven’t swatched these yet but from the bottle I can tell these are gorgeous colours. Corsage is a gorgeous barbie pink which is one of my fave nail colours and Catsuit is a gorgeous glittery dark blue which is just perfect for this time of the year and I am loving it as I am obsessed with glitter polishes at the moment! 

I also got a Look magazine in the goody bag and a handwritten note which was really cute! I was dead made up with a Look magazine as it gave me something to read on the train home and had my current fave Caroline Flack in! Yay 🙂 

I am loving the Look Beauty range so far, the quality is high and the prices are reasonable. Once it hits my local Superdrug I will be hunting down gold/bronze eyeshadows and the Peaches lipgloss! Have you tried any of the Look Beauty range yet? If so what was your favourites? My only slight quibble with the Look Beauty range is the packaging, I found some of the eye shadows really hard to get into and I ended up chipping a couple of my nails, so be careful or get your boyfriend to open it which I did in the end! 

Hope you all have a lovely evening, I am very excited as at midnight I will be in the cinema waiting to see Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1- I am sooooooo excited, I’m a Twilght fan (don’t disown me!) Anyone else going to see it?