December Glossybox Thoughts & Video

Hey lovelies,

Now apologies for posting another Glossybox post, I realise that when you’ve read one post you’ve read them all! But I thought I’d be a little different and make a video of my thoughts of what’s in this month’s Glossybox. I also couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the gorgeous festive red box, I’m not going to lie this is a sexy box. Ha can’t believe I’ve just said sexy box, I’m going mad!

There seemS to be a few variations of the box this month which I love because it varies the posts slightly, though it does mean that you can look at others and think ‘ooooh I’d of liked that!’ I hope you enjoy the video below, I’ve tried to make it as short as possible and check out my attempt at a little outtake at the end, it’s me doing a funny wave!

I hope you enjoyed my little take on my review of the December Glossybox, maybe I’ll stick to this method in the future? Let me know!

Also if you watched the video you will know of my trouble of opening the shower gel and it going everywhere, here is the after math.. My sofa’s never smelt so nice!

I hope you all have a great  evening, I will be wrapping some more Christmas presents, lighting some candles and hopefully getting into the festive spirit!

Disclaimer: December’s Glossybox was provided to me to review for PR purposes, however this doesn’t affect my opinions.