Driving home for Christmas & Cheryl Cole party look…

Hey lovelies!

So I was in two minds whether to pop a blog post up today but I decided I’d best had in the end, today hasn’t been as stressful as I anticipated as today we are preparing for going back home for Christmas. That being said my boyfriend hasn’t packed yet and he still has a couple of presents to wrap ( I would help him out but I’ve done the other 100 presents and the present left is a really odd shape.) So probably come 11pm tonight I will be very stressed! I’m all packed though, I’ve tried to pack quite lightly and tried to plan my outfits, hoping that the weather forecast stays the same and that it doesn’t snow as I haven’t really taken any practical clothes, it’s all shorts and dresses!

I’m also half excited to get home and half not, I’m very excited to see my family and hopefully finally get in the Christmas mood, tomorrow I get to see my sister who I’ve not seen since August and finally get to meet my new baby half sister so that will be nice. If you have parents who are divorced you will probably know just how stressful Christmas can be, especially when your boyfriend’s parents are divorced too, it means we have four sets of parents to get round and that means double the Christmas presents to buy. It’s always hard trying to spread yourself out and work out who you’re going to see when and it doesn’t help when some of them get very demanding. The stress of it all has broke me out in a few spots 🙁 but I’m hoping a couple of nights of sudocrem face masks should sort me out! I know once I’m home, I’ll relax a little so y’know. Sorry for the rant but I feel I’ve been keeping it all cooped up inside, which is probably why I’m getting so damn stressed!

So that’s one half of the post done, the next is my latest YouTube video which is based on Cheryl Cole, it’s a smokey winged eye make up look which is perfect for Christmas parties, New Years eve parties and well for whenever you feel like rocking a winged eye! I’ve used a handy little piece of paper to create the winged effect and it works a treat 🙂

The finished Cheryl look

I hope you enjoy it, I do like making videos, I know I’m not the most amazing make up person but I just find them fun and it’s always lovely when people comment saying they enjoy it!

So I’m going to tootle off and have a little relax as all presents are wrapped and bagged ready to go in the car, our hallway looks like Santa’s Grotto and I’m all packed. I’m going to have  a little pamper tonight, nails, fake tan whilst watching Made In Chelsea Christmas special! So excited 🙂

I hopefully will have some time to post over the next couple of days, it will probably only be outfit posts though so don’t get too excited 😉 If I don’t however, but I’m sure I will, have a brilliant Christmas, and I hope you all have a lovely day, I am so excited about my Christmas dinner already 🙂