Enrapture Heated Rollers- Review

Hey Lovelies!

I was contacted by Enrapture last week who asked if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their hair tools for my blog and YouTube channel. Of course the answer was yes and I opted to try the Extremity Heated Rollers. I’ve been wanting some heated rollers for ages now and almost put some on my Christmas list this year, Santa must of heard my wishes and granted me an early Christmas present.

The Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers are different to other rollers out on the market due to their unique duo heat technology. What’s that I hear you say, well these rollers are very clever, they heat up within two minutes, they aren’t hot to touch so you’re not going ‘oooh ahhh oooh hot’ when putting them in, they heat up whilst in your hair. The rollers emit heat from the core and the butterfly clips have two metal plates which emit heat. The duo heat sources from the clip and the roller lock in the curl and the high constant heat means that any hair length or type can be styled, even really long hair like mine.

I’ve always been a little bit worried about rollers, especially with my long hair, I always thought it wouldn’t work or I’d never find enough rollers to cover my whole head. Enrapture though have proved to me that rollers can be for long hair too. There are 20 rollers in this set, 10 large which are more for adding volume and loose waves to your hair and 10 medium rollers which are for tighter curls. I’ve found a technique of using the large rollers for my roots for volume and my front layer for a slight flick and then the medium rollers for the longer bits of my hair to add more of a curl.

I’ve only had a play with these a couple of times now so I’m not an expert, I’m sure the more I play with them, the more I’ll get used to them, but at the moment, the whole process takes about 15/20 minutes.. which I don’t think is too bad as it takes the same amount of time or even longer when I use my conical wand and I’ll usually do my make up once the rollers are in so I’ll actually save time when getting ready.

Before using the rollers- this is my hair straight after being blow dried. 


After: This look was created with mainly medium rollers to create a more curly look

 After: The voluminous blow dry style created using large rollers- Kate Middleton eat your heart out 😉

I’m really impressed with these rollers, they’re not hard to work with and leave my hair with voluminous loose waves which would leave even Cheryl Cole a little bit jealous. I’ve recorded a video on how I use them, that will be up on my YouTube in the next couple of days so look out for that.

Enrapture also have two other hair tools, the jumbo waver and the totem styler, both which may be added to my next birthday/Christmas list!

You can purchase Enrapture Extremity Heated rollers from stockists such as Debenhams, John Lewis, Boots and Argos. If you google them though, many stockists come up so find the one which is nearest to you! They retail for around £74.99.

For more information on Enrapture products visit their website, Facebook Page or Twitter

Remember to keep an eye out for the tutorial if you’re interested how I use them, have you used Enrapture hair tools before?

I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday evening, I am SO excited for the TOWIE Christmas special, it’s going to be REEM! Also in other news, I finished my Christmas shopping today! yay 🙂 have a lovely evening 🙂

Disclaimer: These rollers were provided to me for review purposes but as always my opinion remains 100% honest. 


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