It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday so far, just a really quick post from me this evening and no make up tonight (shock horror) I actually have a little blog ‘to do’ list full of make up items to write posts about so keep your eyes peeled for them over the next couple of weeks!

My boyfriend has this weekend off work which is a lovely luxury as my boyfriend never has weekend’s off and I usually work Saturdays so I’m used to spending my weekends by myself listening to Radio 1 and doing uni work, so it’s nice to have him home. Unfortunately instead of snuggling down and watching films which is what we should be doing with a weekend off we are both bogged down with uni work so we’ve been trying to crack on with that, how boring eh. Another boring coupley thing that we did today was the food shop, Tesco was rammed and made me realise just why I usually do my shopping online! We spent a small fortune (whoops) but have a fridge full of yummy goodies. Particularly looking forward to sitting in front of X factor tonight with a stuffed crust pizza, garlic bread and a toffee pavlova for desert. (Ha best start on the 30 day shred again!)

We decided to add some excitement into our day by putting up our Christmas tree, if my boyfriend had his way, he’d of had it up (ha that sounds really rude ;)) last week but I told him we couldn’t have a Christmas tree up till December. I know you’re not supposed to put all your decorations up for another couple of weeks but we couldn’t wait and thought we’d put them up together as we don’t get much time off together. I also did some present wrapping and lit some festive candles which are definitely one of my favourite things about Christmas.

I love the smell of Christmas (spiced apple, cinnamon, chocolate, sweets) are the smells of Christmas to me, so we picked some candles today from Tesco (buy one get two free) to fill the flat with Christmas aroma’s.

So that’s my day, hopefully tomorrow I will really knuckle down with my uni work, I cannot express how excited I am to finish uni for Christmas really need some time to just chill, I’m sure many of you feel this way too though!

Have you put your Christmas decks up yet or are you waiting? Also how exciting is having an advent calender? I wish I could have a little chocolate everyday, definitely makes my mornings! Also hope anyone who went to the South Bloggers meet up today had a lovely time, sorry I was a let down but I couldn’t afford to go really or afford a day off from uni work 🙁

Have a lovely Saturday evening, I am very excited about the Xfactor as per usual 😉 Little Mix to win! 🙂