The perfect product for the Christmas season…

Hey Lovelies!

So Christmas is almost upon us, and what comes along hand in hand with Christmas is lots of parties! Being the boring sod that I am, my Christmas usually consists of a couple of nights out, lots of family meals and some kind of new year celebration. Even though my festive period isn’t full of exciting soiree’s it doesn’t mean that I don’t like to dress up and make an effort to get in the Christmas spirit. 

I was contacted a few weeks ago by skincare brand MÁDARA and was asked if I would like to try a product to review on my blog. I did some research into the brand and was suitably impressed with MÁDARA’s eco ethics. I also love discovering new beauty brands and love alerting you lot to new brands. Now let me tell you a little bit about MÁDARA,” it’s a natural, organic as well as eco-friendly award winning skincare brand, which is sold in Wholefoods, independent stores nationwide and online from leading online retailers.” MÁDARA also boasts celebrity fans such as Gwyneth Paltrow. 

I was sent the Flower Dust shimmering body lotion to try, which is a body moisturiser with adds an subtle shimmer to your body which is perfect for Christmas parties. The body lotion which in my opinion is quite pricey at 22.00 per 150ml, is a definite luxury in the body care department. The lotion is full of natural and organic ingredients and is a rich creamy lotion that moisturisers your skin to keep it soft, hydrated and protected from winter elements.  One of my favourite parts of this lotion is the fact it adds a gorgeous shimmer to your body, I love a shimmer body lotion when I’m going out for an special occasion, this adds just a subtle shimmer so it can even be used in the day time and you won’t be asked if you’re part of the Cullen clan. 

A shimmering body lotion is fantastic for parties, my top tip is to concentrate on your legs, apply the shimmer lotion on the middle part of your legs as this will create the illusion of longer legs. Being a massive shorts fan, I will be pampering my pins with shimmer lotion. 

My gripe with this product though is the smell, I love gorgeous smelling lotions as it usually keeps my skin smelling lovely throughout the day, this lotion however has a bit of an odd smell, to me it smells of those peas in a pod. I don’t know the exact name as I’m not a pea fan but it definite has a whiff of peas. This soon disappeared so you’re not left with pea smelling skin, but to be honest if I was spending £22.00 on a body lotion, I’d want it to smell gorgeous!

I do like this lotion, I like the subtle shimmer and the rich consistency, but the smell puts me off a little. I think I will probably mix this in with my regular body lotion, but I will definitely be using this lotion over the festive period as you can’t beat a shimmery body! 

Have you ever tried anything from the MÁDARA skin care range? You can buy MÁDARA skincare online from, and

I hope you all have a lovely Monday afternoon, mine is going to be spent tidying the flat (oh the joys) and probably indulging in some watching of some YouTube videos  🙂 

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review for PR purposes, however my opinions remain 100% honest and un-bias.