Sparkle, Sparkle…

Hey Lovelies!

I hope you’ve all had a great Friday! I’ve had a lovely chill day, it’s consisted of sleeping (I’m not even going to feel guilty at the time I dragged myself out of bed, I also had a weird dream about Olly Murs, but that’s enough about that) taking photographs for posts, making YouTube videos and catching up with blog posts. Tomorrow I aim to the do the same. Bliss.

Now if you’ve read this blog for a little while or watch my videos, you will know of my love for Peter Pan collars, I love them and anything with a collar is an instant winner to me. I think one of the reasons I like them so much is because I’m not very big in the booby department so it means I can get away with covering up and not looking like a frump. I’m more of a get your legs out girl to be honest and we all know you only either get your boobs or your legs out, not both.

I saw Kate from Dollybowbow tweet about these Peter Pan collars and I clicked on the link and ordered one so fast, as I just knew I had to have one. I’m sure you all know about Kate, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her in real life and she’s not only gorgeous but also so, so lovely. She has a lovely online shop which has amazing jewellery, clothes and accessories. These peter pan sequin necklaces are £10.00 which I think is a great price as you can create new looks with tops that you already have, so it saves you spending money on  a new outfit!

There’s a multi coloured sequin one and a black one, I went for the multi one as I am loving glitter at the moment and thought it would jazz up my boring black tops! I wore it today with my trusty black lace Zara top and loved the look! It definitely will be a look I’ll be rocking over the festive period. The link to the collars are HERE  Both the colours are out of stock at the moment, but I’m sure I saw Kate tweet that they’d have more soon!

Do you like the peter pan collar trend?

I hope you all have a lovely Friday evening, my evening will be spent editing my Little Mix make up tutorial video and cooking a quorn curry 🙂 YUM!