Who likes short shorts?

Hey Lovelies,

Well in reply to my post title, I do indeed like short shorts. I thought I’d pop up a outfit post as I’ve not put one up in a couple of weeks. This outfit is what I’d probably call my ‘uniform’ at the moment, this is the type of outfit that I wear most days and it consists of denim shorts from Tophsop, opaque tights, a top with collar detail or a peter pan collar and then my trusty workman boots from Primark. I’m not a lover of jeans as my three pairs are either too baggy, too tight so they give my legs a mini workout when I’m walking fast or upstairs and my berry jeans are a bit too long so I tend to turn to my shorts. I’ve also started to realise that now I’m twenty I may only have a few years left of wearing short shorts, well I say a few years I’m going to try to keep wearing them till I’m about 35ish. Though we will see how I feel then and whether the ageing process has been kind to me!

Oop left the little hanger labels in the post and also excuse my paleness, I realise I look like the abominable snowman!

Top: Primark

Shorts: Topshop

Tights: Primark

Boots: Primark 

This is what I like to call my ‘Henry the 8th’ top as I feel like a Tudor ( was Henry the 8th a Tudor? My primary school history knowledge escapes me) because of the huge collar, I prefer wearing it with my hair down as that counteracts the Tudor collar slightly. My boyfriend calls it a nun top, but then again he calls anything with a collar a nun top, I just don’t think he understands fashion. Talking of nun’s I saw one in my local shopping centre the other day, she was blates doing some Christmas shopping for the other nun’s and monks. A little fact for you all when I was little I would call nun’s- nur’s. Wow bet you’ll all sleep tonight now knowing that little fact 😉 

Sorry for the weird photos, but the only good one in colour my face looked like a right moody cow so I couldn’t put it online! The last picture is my boyfriend trying to be all arty farty!

Coat: H&M 

I also want to introduce you to my winter coat, I only went and jinxed myself the other day by saying ‘ oh it’s still warm enough to wear my leather jacket with 3/4 sleeves’ but even though it’s still quite mild, I don’t particularly like facing gale force winds and rain with half my arms out. This coat was from H&M and was the third winter coat I bought this year as I couldn’t make my mind up, actually it was the fourth! Don’t worry the others have gone back, oh my god I’ve just realised it was the fifth. Wow indecisive or what?! Anyways I like this one because it’s pulled into the waist so doesn’t swamp me and was reduced by 50% so that meant this coat was only £12.00! What an actual bargain. It’s warm too but it’s a little longer than the coats I usually go for, so this means when I wear shorts which I do like all the time, I look like I’m wearing no trousers. I feel like I’m Kitty from the Xfactor! 

I hope you all have a lovely Thursday evening, I am feeling a little more positive today after a successful dissertation tutorial, but I am still feeling a little fed up with certain things, I was tempted to take a break from blogging as I’m feeling like a bit of a loser blogger at the moment but I told myself to stop being so pathetic! Hope everyone else is dandy. 

P.S Now a couple of weeks ago I almost (the italics on the word almost mean I didn’t actually do this just almost) wet my pants (did I really just say that) with excitement over the fact Urban Decay are releasing a Naked Palette TWO. Now if you’ve followed this blog for a while or watch my YouTube videos you will know how much I love my naked palette. So you can imagine how damn excited I was when I saw that Anna (the lucky so and so) has reviewed the palette and done swatches of the new palette. I am so excited for it to be released in January and already putting £36.00 aside for when it launches! Okay I’m really going now! Bye 🙂