WRAP up warm this winter..

Hey Lovelies!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you will know of my love of nail polish and all things nail art. I wish I was more skilled in the nail art department, I can’t even master the leopard print technique! It just looks like a doll was sick on my nails, so you can imagine my delight when I discovered nail wraps/stickers. There are so many nail wraps on the market, many though put me off with the faff of heating them up with a hair dryer etc, so I tended to stay away.You see I am a fidget and it’s usually a challenge for me to sit still for twenty minutes to let my nails dry never mind a malarkey with a hairdryer! I discovered some more sticker like nail wraps from Elegant Touch when I went to their event with Eylure back in October time. I was given some blue crocodile print ones to try which I reviewed HERE, however I was impressed with the ease of application but wasn’t crazy on the design. Not good for a girl with a huge phobia of all things reptiles (especially lizards.)

I was sent three packs from Elegant Touch a couple of weeks ago and the designs that I was sent are much more up my street, no reptile prints in sight! I received a metallic silver and gold almost leopard print and then a turquoise shade of the kind of leopard print. I thought I cannot wait to try these! Last week if you watch my YouTube videos you will of noticed my pink nails with an accent nail, the accent nail was in fact one of the gold nail stickers from Elegant Touch. I loved the wraps so much I thought I can’t use them all at once on all ten fingers, so thought I would ration them by only putting them on individual fingers. The gold sticker is amazing, over a week later it’s still going strong on my nails and only has a tiny bit of wear on the end of my nail which I think is pretty fantastic for essentially a sticker.

This week I decided to match my nails to the cold weather we’re having and went for a blue, using Essie Mint Candy Apple (which is already chipping boo) on my fingers and then the turquoise nail wrap on my index finger and I kept the gold wrap on my ring finger as it still looked perfect. I’ve found the turquoise one which is more of a paper sticker than the gold which to me seems more like a foil definitely doesn’t wear as well as the gold. I am seeing after 3 days of wear the same amount of wear on the end of my nail as the gold one which has been on my nails for 9 days. I also found the turquoise a little harder to apply.

The application of these nail stickers is really easy, you put a base coat on, then apply the sticker to your nail, secure it down and then trim/file the length till it fits with your nail length. Then you put some top coat on and bob’s your uncle. I am very impressed with the gold colour and I’m hoping the silver will be just as hard wearing. I would definitely recommend a pack of these (in particular the foil ones) especially with Christmas so soon, they are perfect festive nails which attract lots of compliments! The Elegant Touch Envy Wraps are about £5.00 and can be bought from places like Boots and Superdrug.

Have you ever tried nail wraps? What did you think?

I hope you’ve all had a good Monday, mine has been filled with uni work which has been exciting (not) definitely looking forward to Friday when uni is finished for Christmas, then I will allow myself to get in the festive mood! Hope you all have a great evening, I am looking forward to indulging in some fajitas and watching the Young Apprentice final 🙂

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Disclaimer: I was sent these products to review on my blog for PR purposes, but as always my reviews are 100% honest and un-bias.