“Because you’re worth it” Cheryl’s latest offering..

Hey Lovelies!

So if you’ve been reading this blog a while you will know of my love for Cheryl Cole. I don’t know what it is about her that I love, she just holds something over me, so much that I waited NINE hours to meet her. Yes I know how sad, but hey I’ve met her now so that’s been crossed of my list of things to do before I die. But yes anything that Cheryl puts her name to, I am there like a shot and there was no exception with her latest offering- lipstick.

So we all know Cheryl has been working with L’oreal for a while now, she’s been the face of shampoo’s, hair dye, lipgloss and hair spray which are all very good (and I purchased them all) but when I heard she was releasing a lipstick with L’oreal and some of the proceeds going to Cheryl’s charity the Cheryl Cole foundation which is in aid of The Prince’s Trust, I was more than a little bit excited. The colour she’s released is a signature red lipstick named Red Passion (original there Chez ;)) and it is a matte ruby red colour that easily glides onto your lips. I think that it looks different in real life to the promo pictures of Cheryl wearing it as it looks darker in the pictures but in real life it’s quite bright.

So you’re probably wondering why I even bought a red lipstick considering I should join myself up to Nude lipstick anonymous society, but in fact lately I have been craving a red lipstick and was even considering spending part of my MAC voucher on Ruby Red by MAC, so when I saw Cheryl’s lippie for a bargainous £6.19 in Superdrug (£2.00 off folks) I was sold. I mean if Cheryl made it and wears this lipstick, it’s good enough for me. I think the colour is quite flattering and I’m looking forward to giving it a try when I have more of a tan, I do think one of the reasons Cheryl went for a red is because that it will suit every skin tone and hair colour. So would I recommend this lipstick? Yes I would, one with the £2.00 off it’s not a bad little price and remember some of the proceeds are going to charity, also it’s a gorgeous flattering red which strangely I don’t have in my lipstick collection and it’s a CHERYL COLE LIPSTICK.

To be honest Cheryl could release a line of bin bags and I’d be on them like a car bonnet ( I do like a strong bin bag though) Have you tried this lipstick out yet? If not what’s your favourite red lipstick? I am enjoying flirting with a brighter lip, who knows maybe I’ll even step out the door one day wearing one 😉 I hope you all have a great evening 🙂