It’s finally here…Naked 2 Palette

Hey lovelies,

So you all probably know just how much I love my Urban Decay Naked palette, ever since I got it at the end of April in a Royal Wedding enthused ‘let’s spend money’ mood, hardly any other eyeshadows have touched my eyes. So much so that some of the colours such as Half Baked have hit pan which Yu still can’t get over 😉 So you can all imagine just how excited I was when I heard a Naked palette 2 was going to be released.

Now I’m going to keep this post short but sweet, I realise that there are a lot of other beauty bloggers who have bought this palette so dashboards will probably full of Naked 2 posts for the next few days, but I just couldn’t not post about this palette especially as I’ve been looking forward to having my hands on it since like November!

So here it is in all it’s glory… first thoughts on it is my favourite colours is YDK and Chopper, also loving the fact there’s a shade call Busted (named after one of my fave bands when growing up!) I’m seriously looking forward to creating some new eye make up looks with this palette. I did try some swatches but I just couldn’t get the lighting right so if you want some swatches head to this post from Anna, her post was the reason why I wanted this damn palette so much in the first place 😉

Okay so with the excitement over of finally receiving my naked palette 2, I’d best get back to doing my essay, I never usually leave things to the last minute so this is a bit of a rarity for me trying to get it all done in time for Friday.. whoopsy! Other good news though I had a presentation on my dissertation back before Christmas and I got the results today and I got a first for it! I’m so made up as I’ve never had a first in whole 2 and a half years of being at uni and I was never one of those who got A*’s and A’s at school, I’ve always been more of a B/C girl (like my bra size I suppose ;)) So I’m really chuffed and has definitely given me a little confidence towards my dissertation!

So did you get the Naked palette 2? If so what are your thoughts so far? I hope you all have a great day and that it’s way more exciting than my day of essay writing! 🙂