New Hair: DIY Dip Dye/Ombre

Hey Lovelies,

So for ages and ages I’ve been lusting after ombred/dip dyed locks. I’ve loved the look on other bloggers and celebrities including Caroline Flack. I do get bored with my hair colour quite easy, about every other day I want a new hair colour but I rarely act on it, one day last week I thought ‘I’m just going to do it’ I’ve wanted to do it for so long and well I thought to myself if it goes wrong I have a lot of hair to play with. I did some research first on how to achieve the look at home, I read several posts and watched several YouTube videos and sourced some pictures for inspiration. As well as doing research I also prepped my hair by applying lots of conditioner to the ends of my hair and dousing it in Moroccan Oil.

I decided to get the L’oreal Perfect Blonde Creme highlighting kit which I’d seen that both Lily and Zoe had used  and their hair had turned out lovely so thought I’d go with the same product. I didn’t take any photos of the box or the process ( I know call myself a beauty blogger eh?) But if you click on Zoe’s link above you will see the post that inspired me and guided me through the process. I carried out a strand test first so I could see what colour my hair would go and when I was happy with that, I separated my hair into bunches with a clear elastic band and painted the dye on. I decided I didn’t want the dye too high as I wasn’t sure how it would look so I really concentrated on the ends. I ended up doing the process three times as my hair seemed to take ages to lift. The final time I even wrapped tin foil round the dye to help the process out a little and then I was finally happy with the outcome. The whole process was really easy though and I don’t know why I haven’t done it before. The final colour is a light brown almost gingery/copper colour to be honest but I think it looks good, it works well with my hair colour and looks quite natural. I probably will re-do it at some point as I want it to go a little higher now but for the time being I’m really chuffed with the look! My ends do feel a little bit dry but to be honest it’s nothing that a bit of conditioner and Moroccan Oil can’t fix.

Have you ever dip dyed/ombred your hair? I hope you like my effort 🙂 I hope you all have a great Sunday, today was the day I was meant to get cracking with my dissertation but it’s already past three.. whoops! Hope your Sunday’s are much more exciting 🙂