The perfect nail polish to brighten up a grey day..

Hey Lovelies,

So where I am today it’s very grey outside and cold, and my mood is definitely feeling suitably grey too but something that is definitely not grey is my nails. Oh no, in fact they’re screaming summer at me and making me wish for summer to hurry it’s bum up. I think I’ve spoke of my love for neon nail polishes before, some find them tacky but personally I love them. During the summer months it’s very rare to see me without neon polish on either my fingers or my toes. Bright pinks and oranges are my favourites, they compliment a tan and make you look even more tanned and catch everyone’s eyes. During the winter months, my nail polish colours dull a little, it just seems a little wrong to have a summer polish on when it’s all cold outside or is it?

I’ve been after a neon coral nail polish for what seems like forever and after doing some extensive Internet research I thought I’d found the perfect one: China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy. I’ve used China Glaze polishes quite a few times and own a handful of shades, mine have always been from Sally’s beauty supply but another great stockist which is where I got this one from is the Ebay shop Beautyzone2007. I find the China Glaze polishes are easy to paint with, have opaque colours and don’t chip easily. The only downfall is that they’re quite hard to get hold of in the UK. Flip Flop Fantasy was described as a neon coral so for only a couple of pounds I decided to get it. Beautyzone2007 is based in America but the prices are very reasonable, I think I got this polish for about £4 ish including delivery from America so that wasn’t bad at all as that’s the similar price you pay in Sally’s.

Of course when it arrived I couldn’t wait to paint my nails with it, and for the first time in what seems like months all five fingers are the same colour. Yes that’s right no accent nail for me at the moment, I think that says something 😉 However this isn’t what I was looking for, it’s not a pure coral, but there are hints of coral in this polish. I would describe this as a neon version of Barry M’s Flamingo pink which is one of my all time fave polishes, a coral bright pink affair. So even though this isn’t pure coral I still blimmin’ love this polish. Like all other China Glaze polishes, it painted on perfectly, and after two coats was suitably opaque and gorgeously bright. I literally keep finding myself staring at my nails which is always a good sign that I like a nail polish. My hands look tanned and I’m getting that pang of ‘I never want to take this polish off ever again’

If you love neon polishes, I would totally recommend this, but there is a downside to this polish, it makes you crave summer like nothing else. I’m finding myself wishing for long hot sunny days where you don’t need to wear tights! One thing’s sure though that this polish will definitely be my accompaniment for summer 2012, I don’t know about you but I think this is going to look pretty fab paired with a bikini on Miami beach which is where I’ll be in July.

Are you a fan of neon polishes? If so what’s your fave? I’m going to go do something productive now, I want to clear out the bedroom today and sort out some clothes for Ebay and maybe some beauty items for a blog sale as I have wayyyy too much stuff! Also talking of summer, St.Tropez which is my ultimate fave fake tan brand still have all their Christmas gift sets at half price, there’s some great offers and I was very naughty and purchased the everyday kit with a face illuminator  for just £15.00, I think I saved something ridiculous like £30.00 and it was a medium/dark kit so I couldn’t say no really.But I have promised myself no more spending now. I would check it out as you’re getting a bargain and you can look super tanned even though it’s grey outside 🙂