Real Techniques Stippling Brush- Review

Hey Lovelies,

When it came to writing my Christmas list back in November, I decided to pop a couple of the Real Techniques brushes on there as I’d seen them in action in the Pixiwoo make up tutorials and knowing one half of Pixiwoo Samantha Chapman had designed them, I knew I just had to try them. Luckily Santa was very good to me and brought me the Stippling Foundation brush and the Blush brush. After using the Stippling brush for almost a month I feel I can give a proper review. 

A little bit about the Real Techniques Stippling Brush..

The bristles are Taklon which means they’re super soft, and cruelty free as taklon is 100% synthetic. Both the stippling and blush brush are so soft and among the softest brushes I’ve ever used, there is literally nothing worse than having a rough make up brush. The brushes are colour coded and there’s three colour sections,yellow for flawless base, purple for enhanced eyes and pink for a perfect finish. Both the stippling brush and blush brush that I own are both pink. 

How I use this brush and my thoughts

I’d not really been aware of using stippling brushes for your foundation till a couple of months ago but believe me they make a huge difference in the application of your foundation. The brush buffs the foundation into your skin making it look very natural, even and sometimes almost airbrushed. I think you all know that I suffer with my skin and I do believe that this brush is brilliant for really hiding problem areas but the buffing technique means even if you’re wearing more foundation than normal due to a break out no one would ever know. I tend to pop a blob of foundation on different areas on my skin and then using my brush to basically buff it into the skin, when using the stippling brush I’ve found applying foundation has taken less time as the stippling brush seems to get to work really quickly. I also use this brush for my concealer where I use Estee Lauder Doublewear maximum cover foundation which I’ve mentioned before is one of the hardest foundations I’ve worked with, when using it in conjunction with the stippling brush it applies beautifully and literally conceals a multiple of sins. I know there is a lot of similar brushes like this on the market, of course this is my first stippling brush so I can’t comment whether this is the best one but ever since I got this for Christmas I’ve really enjoyed using it and have noticed a difference in my foundation, it looks a 100x better than before. I will do a updated foundation routine on my YouTube channel soon where you’ll get to see this brush in action but I’m waiting till my skin calms down a little as I don’t want to scare you all by being make up free 😉 

Of course now the problem is I want some more Real Techniques brushes, I’ve got my eye on the starter set next! Of course the downside is that these aren’t that readily available in the UK, you have to buy them online which I think is a shame. My boyfriend got mine from Cocktail Cosmetics but the stippling brush is out of stock there so another stockist is Victoria Health, for £10.99 I think this stippling brush is a good investment as foundation is one of the most important parts of your make up and you can fake a flawless base without any trouble at all 😉

Have you ever tried the Real Techniques brushes? I hope you all have a great evening, I’m pretty sure mine will consist of more procrastinating which will include reading magazines, checking twitter and watching CBB, what a life I lead 😉