ST.Tropez Skin Illuminator Review..

Hey Lovelies,

So technically right now I should be writing my dissertation, instead I’m staring at the screen trying to motivate myself with a special ‘working playlist’ on my Itunes which has specific songs to get me in the mood to do some work, it’s not working though. Boo. So I thought I’d put some productivity into something else and get a blog post up as that seems to be the only thing these days that I can muster energy for!

I mentioned that last week I was lured in by ST.Tropez’s offer of half price Christmas gift sets which is still going on HERE, I picked up the luminous kit which contained a gradual body moisturiser/tan in medium/dark, the face version and a skin illuminator  in Rose. The three products probably totalled to about £40.00 so getting the kit for £15.00 was a bargain! I was intrigued by the skin illuminator, quite a new addition to the ST.Tropez range and aims to ‘give the illusion of effortlessly polished skin.’ There are three types of the illuminator which are Gold (really want to try this) Violet and Rose which is the one that I have. The three types of illuminator are aimed at skin tones with different undertones. I actually have the violet one as it came with a St.Tropez kit I received last year and to be honest the colours not for me. The rose shade is aimed at people with pink undertones which I don’t have but thought it was worth a try nevertheless.

I’m really into the whole dewy highlighted look at the moment so first of all tried this accompanying my blush by applying it on my cheekbones. It left a really lovely sheen, not too shimmery at all it just gave me a really lovely glow that looked great paired with a pink blush. Then I decided to get a little more creative and used it mixed in with my foundation just to see how that worked. Well everyday since that’s what I’ve been doing. I really like this product as it gives you a glow and a dewy look. It looks really healthy and works great with my current foundation Jemma Kidd Light As Air. Another plus point is that it hasn’t broke me out, MAC’s strobe cream breaks me out so I have to use it on places that I don’t get spots so I’m pleased to finally of found a illuminator that is kind to the skin whilst creating that dewy look I’ve been craving. There is a slight pink undertone to it but it’s hardly noticeable and works on my skin when it’s both tanned and pale and remember I have quite olive/yellow tones. I do think that when the illuminator is first squeezed out of the tube it looks like strawberry milkshake!

The subtle glow that the skin illuminator in Rose gives..

If you’re after the dewy look I would have a look at the skin illuminators and even better have a look at the Christmas kits as you can really pick yourself a bargain. My order also came the next day so I was really pleased with the service of St.Tropez! The Skin illuminators by St.Tropez retail at £12.26. What’s your favourite product to cheat your way to dewy/glowy skin?

I probably should get back to doing my dissertation now or something else productive. Hope you all have a great Tuesday afternoon/evening 🙂