A Very Early Easter Present,

Hey Lovelies,

Picture the scene, Friday afternoon I get a text from my boyfriend saying ‘would you like a early Easter present?’ My boyfriend and I usually get each other little Easter presents as when I was little that’s what my parents would do, last year my boyfriend went and bought me my laptop as mine was bust for an Easter present and I’d strictly told him to not go spend any money like that on me this year. I thought that maybe he’d come across some discount selection boxes so I was like ‘ okay then why not.’ Though when he arrived home he hadn’t found some discount chocolate nope he came home with a Clarisonic.

It was only the other night I was telling him about how I was going to get one and we watched some YouTube videos showing demonstrations as he couldn’t get his head round the fact that it was basically a big toothbrush for your face. Secretly I think he was intrigued and bought one so he could use it too. But bless him though, he also bought the Clarisonic Plus as he said it would be good to use on the body, the thing with my boyfriend he always has to go for the top model. So the initial excitement wore off after we found out that you have to charge the Clarisonic for 24 hours before using it, I’m not looking forward to doing that every 20 days or so! I’ve only been using this for a couple of days so can’t really comment too much on it just yet, but I just had to get a post up and let you know I’d got one.

I’m still getting my head around what’s the best way to use it, I’ve been using it on the one minute setting and think I’ve been using it correctly, it’s a bit like aaah am I doing it right, should it be on my cheeks or chin right now? I’m sure with time I’ll get my own way of using it! My face has been super soft after using it and feels really clean. I’ve heard a lot of other beauty bloggers saying after a month or so the results are great, I am prepared for the ‘purging’ stage but I’ll let you know more about that when it happens when I do a more detailed review in  a couple of months or so!

All in all I am a very lucky girl and my boyfriend shouldn’t be spending his money on me! Though now cause he’s bought it he said I can’t moan at him for messing the flat up.. (men eh?) Do you have a Clarisonic? If so how are you getting on with it?

I hope you all have a lovely Monday evening, I’m working tonight for the first time in ages! So spare a thought for me working at a cold football stadium tonight! Brrrrrr!