My First Dip into the Nars Ocean: Nars Laguna Review

Hey Lovelies!

It suddenly dawned on me that I haven’t yet blogged about one of the key items in my make up bag. Nars Laguna is very well known within the beauty blogsphere. It features on many blogs and youtube videos and I’d always had it on my list of ‘to buy one day’ products. Luckily for me I received a John Lewis voucher for Christmas and decided to treat myself with my first ever Nars purchase. Being a massive bronzer lover and never one for the pale look I decided this was the perfect for my first purchase from Nars.

So this is quite pricey for a bronzer, £24.00 it retails for but I decided it was worth the money and well I wasn’t wrong. To be honest when I first got Laguna and got over the initial ‘oh my god it’s so pretty I may never use this’ moment, I was a little disappointed. Laguna is what I’d call as a golden bronzer which wasn’t what I was expecting. To be honest I think maybe Casino may be more my shade but now after a few weeks I’ve totally warmed to Laguna and haven’t touched another bronzer since. Laguna is the perfect bronzer for this type of the year, perfect for achieving a sun kissed look that looks totally natural. I’ve also changed the way how I apply my bronzer, I used to apply it all over to my face but I’ve found that Laguna works really well when applied to key areas of the face; cheekbones, temples of the forehead and nose. It lasts all day and is a staple product in my make up bag. The only thing now is that I want more Nars products! Deep Throat blush is next on my list that’s for sure.

Have you ever tried Laguna? What’s your favourite bronzer?

I hope you all have a great weekend, I’m supposed to be heading to London tomorrow for a couple of events but I’m still full of cold and debating whether to just stop at home especially as I’ve hardly mustered enough energy to leave the bedroom never mind trek round London. Bad times. I hope you all have a much better weekend 🙂

Oooh also a BIG thank you to everyone who answered my questionnaire yesterday for my dissertation. I managed to reach my sample of 100 respondents in just six hours so I was very happy and have some gathered some interesting data. You’ve all helped me out big time 🙂