Slowly building up my perfect make up brush kit: No.7 Eyeshadow Blend & Contour Brush

Hey Lovelies!

Hope you’re all having a great week so far, it seems to of been a really busy tiring week so far and I will be glad when Friday rolls around when I can have a little chill. I also feel like I’m about to be hit by a cold, in fact I know I’m going to get a cold as my nose feels all funny and horrible. I think I’ll have to take some cold and flu tablets and man up! Hope you lot are all okay though and hopefully not suffering from the dreaded lurgy!

So I’ve been really into finding the perfect make up brushes lately, as much as most of mine are fine some have been in my collection for a little while and I decided that I needed a bit of a brush over haul. My eye make up brushes were in the firing line, my beloved blending brush from Avon was about three years old and was starting to get really rough. I’m not sure if brushes actually go rough over time but mine had started to and it was hurting my eyes *cue violin playing* I had some of those £5 off No.7 Boots vouchers lying around and decided to spend mine on a new eye make up brush. I’d heard that No.7 brushes were good and picked up the Eyeshadow Blend and Contour brush which was something like £2.75 with the voucher which I thought was a bargain. I thought that even if this brush was rubbish it was only £2 so I was going to lose much. However this brush is blimmin’ brilliant and bargain of the century.

This brush reminds me of a little of the MAC 217 brush which I had actually been tempted by so I’m glad I managed to find a dupe for just £2.75! The bristles are really soft and blend your eyeshadow perfectly. However it’s a little too big for crease work but I did buy a Real Techniques brush today which hopefully will be the partner in crime to this brush, a review of this new brush will be up soon. Over all I love this brush and would pay full price for it. I would recommend spending your £5 vouchers on this brush when they next come out! What’s your favourite eye make up brush? I hope you all have a good Wednesday evening 🙂