Topshop Ambush Boots Dupe: Select Ankle Boots

Hey Lovelies!

As much as I love Topshop, I don’t love their prices. Their prices have risen in the past few years and even with student discount there is quite a lot that I can’t quite justify with buying. The footwear in Topshop definitely applies to this, I always coo over Topshop’s array of boots and heels and think ‘gah I wish I was rich.’ One pair of boots that I’ve especially been lusting over is Topshop’s Ambush Boots but with a £75.00 price tag, my student savvy brain told me to step away from the boots. It of course didn’t help that many blogs I follow have bought the Ambush boots making my want for them deeper. Of course I have way too many pairs of shoes so I try not to buy shoes for the sake of it anymore, however my beloved Primark tan boots had a massive crack in the sole meaning that whenever it rains my feet get very soggy 🙁 this is what I’d call as an valid excuse for a new pair of boots. I mean who likes soggy feet?

So of course I was on the hunt for boots like Topshop’s Ambush boots and I was delighted to come across a lookalike pair on Select Clothing’s website. Priced for just £18.00 and with offers of 10% discount for signing up to a newsletter or 15% student discount meaning these are bargain of the century. I popped a pair of these bad boys in my basket and very excitedly awaited their arrival. When they arrived, my heart did sink a little bit as I ordered the taupe pair which looked quite a tan coloured taupe on the website if that makes sense but in the flesh they’re more of a grey taupe. Also the material is kind of suede like but not suede, so it’s a must to spray these with protector before wearing or they will scratch to buggery. Heel wise they are a little higher than my primark boots which makes me a little slower at walking as when you’re 5ft2 you’re used to being very small, but they’re not hard to walk in which is good. I haven’t decided if these are comfy yet as the first time I wore them like most shoes are on the first time you wear them, they were agony. My feet hurt for a day after, but ever since they’ve got comfier with each wear, today I even braved them with the 20 minute walk to uni and back and you know I got back home with my feet in one piece and not hurting at all. They are a nice pair of boots and may even be a little more feminine than the Ambush boots? I really like mine and I’m also eyeing up the black pair.. I like the exposed zips and how they give your outfit a little twist, today I just wore mine with some jeans, a black vest top and my leather jacket. Perfect.

I would recommend Select too, these arrived within a couple of days and I like I said earlier there’s a couple of ways for some cheeky discount! If you love boots like me but don’t want to break the bank, these Select ankle boots are made for you. 🙂 You can buy the Side Zip Ankle Boots from Select HERE and if you’re feeling a little more flush here are the original Topshop boots 

I hope you all have a lovely evening, after a busy day at uni I think I will partake in some catching up with Youtube and trying out some new skincare products that I bought today 🙂 ha what spending ban eh? 😉