VIDEO: My Nail Polish Collection

Hey Lovelies!

I don’t know if it really comes across anymore on my blog but I am a massive nail polish addict. When I first started Dizzybrunette3 I would religiously post my nails of the week but soon I started to repeat colours and the posts gradually stopped. Now nail posts seem to be quite few and far between so I guess my nail polish addiction can sometimes be unknown. I’d had a lot of requests on Youtube to film a video showing my nail polish collection and how I store them. So here it is, fifteen minutes all about polish!

My favourite brands of polish have to be Models Own and Barry M and beat any high end polish in my mind. I hope that if you like nail polish you like this video and thought I’d pop this up on here too as I don’t think I’ve ever really spoke about my nail polish collection before! Maybe I’ll start doing more nail posts again!

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE and I also want to just say a big thank you to anyone who watches my videos and leaves lovely comments. I sometimes get a bit put off Youtube as there are so many snide people ready to leave comments that leave you feeling a little bit poo so it’s always nice to read nice ones of you lot 🙂 I hope you enjoy the video and have a great Tuesday 🙂