Jemma Kidd Make Up School Event

Hey Lovelies,

So last night saw me to go to a pretty exciting event, I was invited down to London to go to Jemma Kidd’s Make Up School for an exclusive look at some upcoming products, a taster of the new Masterclass @ Home and to meet the lady herself. To be fair when I got the email I did do a little whoop, I am a massive fan of Jemma Kidd and I love her products. Her Light As Air foundation has a cult status within the beauty blogsphere and like many others I am a fan. So off I tootled to London feeling like Dora the Explorer, after almost having to get all Jack Bauer on a shifty man’s ass on the train I arrived at Jemma’s Make Up School. I was a little early so ended up having a seat on the luxurious sofa and taking in the surroundings. It was like I’d died and gone to make up heaven. I had to restrain myself from jumping up and looking at everything up close, instead I drunk my water and distracted myself on twitter till the other lovely beauty bloggers arrived.

(Jemma Kidd Make Up School, Jemma Giving a Talk, Korbin giving a Make up demo, and Jemma again)

When everyone had arrived, we were asked to take our make up off. As you can imagine it was hard for me to not bolt out of the door, but I remained calm and took it off with the promise we’d be putting make up back on very soon. We all took a seat at chairs with mini desks which felt like being back at school and first of all the lovely Jemma Kidd gave us a little talk about her background which was really interesting. If you didn’t know Jemma is a very well known ‘make up artist, beauty ambassador, brand owner, business entrepreneur, author and an authority on general well being’. Phew.. bit of a mouthful there Jemma. She’s one of the ‘UK’s most celebrated and sought after backstage artists’ which is pretty impressive.  Then we were introduced to Korbin ( I hope I’ve spelt his name right) who is one of Jemma’s Make up artist team and the new Masterclass @ Home course is his baby. He told us a little bit about the concept which is a mobile teaching service and lets women bring the make up academy into their home. There’s a range of workshops which include Becoming a Yummy Mummy, Perfecting Skin and Mastering Natural Make Up plus many more. They are also launching a new class called Beauty Foundations which is aimed at teenagers to teach them the basics of make up. I think this is a brilliant idea as when you’re teenager you haven’t a clue what to wear make up wise. Priced at just £20 per head I think it’s a great idea for a party and would be really useful. Jemma Kidd’s Make Up School also offer courses like this, as well as professional courses too.

( My amazing goodie bag, Jemma showing us some of the new gorgeous palettes, one of the palettes up close and Jemma speaking about her book)

We were then given a demonstration of some new JK by Jemma Kidd products which we got to try ourselves. JK is Jemma Kidd’s playful side of the make up brand, it features more colours and aimed at a slightly younger audience. We were shown Mannequin Skin Complexion Enhancer which leaves a lovely dewy glow and preps the skin for make up, Pro Finish Moisture Tint which is a tinted moisturiser which is perfect for that no make up make up, Illuminating Concealer and much more. We all got to try these and apply them to our faces and I have to admit I had a really lovely dewy look which I’ve been coveting lately. Jemma also showed us some of the new palettes which will be released soon which feature eye shadows, primer, lip colour and cream blusher. One of the palettes featured a lovely peach cream blush that I had a cheeky apply of and fell in love with. Finally Jemma spoke about her VisionFund which is whenever you buy a Jemma Kidd make up product or masterclass@HOME booked, £1.25 of that will go towards helping families in Africa with much needed sight saving treatment for a whole year. Jemma showed us a film of when she visited Ethiopia and it’s truly shocking that ten million people suffer from diseases that cause blindness which can be prevented with a small amount of money. Jemma hopes that along with ORBIS to help ‘prevent and eliminate trachoma.’ It’s really lovely to see a make up brand give something back, Jemma is clearly passionate about the subject and it’s really lovely to see that.

It was a really lovely event, and I left with my skin all glowy. We received a lovely goodie bag which I cannot wait to start reviewing the products for you all! If you want any more information on Jemma Kidd, her make up courses including Masterclass@HOME and her VisionFund you can find it on her official website: For Jemma’s full range of JK products you can find them on her website: Jemma Kidd or on ASOS

Have you tried Jemma Kidd’s products? If not go do it now! I hope you all have a great Friday evening, I have such a un-productive day I’m a little ashamed of myself. I’m off to Nando’s tonight with my friends from uni so that will be nice 🙂 have a lovely weekend!