JolieBox Feburary 2012 Edition

Hey Lovelies!

There’s quite a few beauty boxes out on the market now but the one that kind of intrigues me is JolieBox. The new Boudoir Prive and what I like to call the high end of beauty boxes even though the price remains the same as most of £10.00 per box plus p&p. JolieBox had a month’s break leaving us all wet at the collar to see what was in February’s box and I was quite excited to see it pop through my letterbox (well I say this, the postman knocked at the door and handed it to me but that didn’t sound as interesting.) February’s box is what I’d call a pamper edition, it’s full of luxurious samples that you’d use over the weekend to rejuvenate yourself ready for the week ahead. It also now comes with a snazzy drawstring bag that holds the products in, it’s cool, so cool that if I were still at school I would use it as a PE bag. So enough of my babbling, just what was in February JolieBox?

February’s JolieBox*

Taaj  Himalaya micellar water- I’ve never heard of this brand before but the product is right up my street. It’s essentially a cleanser to take off your make up, just last week I bought La Roche Posay’s version of micellar water as I’d heard through the grapevine it’s canny for Bioderma which is receiving rave reviews left right and centre at the moment in the beauty blogging world. I will definitely be trying this out to see how it compares to my La Roche Posay version.

Jane Iredale- Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Pink- When I first saw this I thought ‘aww cute’. This is one of those handy products that is multifunctional however I don’t think I’ll be using it on my cheeks and it’s a little too sheeny for me, but on the lips it’s a pretty colour and feels nice on your lips. It will be good to put in my handbag and throw on when out and about. It’s a really pretty peachy/pink colour which is my colour of the moment.

Lavera- Basis Sensitive Organic Hand Cream- I haven’t used this yet but I will do. A hand cream never goes wrong in my book and is always handy especially whilst the weather outside can’t make it’s mind up whether it’s warm or cold. It’s a good size and is another handy handbag product that you can whip out when your hands feel a little dry.

Kimia- Rejuvenating Facial System- A few months ago a product like this would of sent me running for the hills (slight dramatisation there) but I always used to think because I have oily skin no oil should come near my face but actually oily skin works really well to oil and I’ll definitely be trying this out when my face needs a lift. This little pack comes with the oil and a hydra moisturiser which is perfect for when your face needs a good old treat. Right now my skin is going through another dodgy phase so I’ll give this a go for sure when it’s calmed down.

Macadamia- Deep Repair Masque- Now this is my favourite part of this month’s JolieBox, when I saw it I did a little whoop to myself as I have heard so many good things about this range. The products always seem to sell really well on Buyapowa and I had it in my head it was a rival range to Moroccan oil? I could have this wrong though, but any deep conditioning hair treatment is a winner in my books. I cannot wait to use this especially as my hair needs a good needed treat, I think I will use sometime this week whilst enjoying a bubble bath.

So there we have it, like I said before very pamper based and it’s nice to have products that are all for different parts of the body, it kind of annoys me when you get two products that essentially do the same thing. I really like this month’s box and it’s all products that I’m interested in at the moment. I look forward to seeing what JolieBox next have up their sleeve. Do you subscribe to JolieBox? What did you think of this month’s box?

You can get more info on JolieBox and how to subscribe on their official website here (link)

I hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday, today was supposed to be a super productive Sunday, I was going to power through with my dissertation all guns blazing, do the 30 day shred and well just kick the bum of laziness. However ever since I’ve woke up none of this has happened, I even had a nap before. The most exciting part of my day has been eating a snack a jack ( I suppose I did put away the food shopping which is productive) I blame myself for not going to sleep when my boyfriend was out last night, he rolled in at 3:30 am, leaving me who is an old lady feeling tired today. Maybe I should just accept that Sunday’s are rest days, hmm now I’m off to get another Snack a Jack which are surprisingly moreish. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday 🙂

* I did receive this JolieBox for review purposes, but as always my opinions are 100% honest and un bias.