Mango Jumper: Outfit Of The Day

Hey Lovelies,

So I will be honest with you I am slightly cheating here with this outfit of the day post as this was actually Monday’s outfit and not today’s. Naughty, naughty I know, slapping my wrists as I type which is a very tricky thing to do I’ll have you know. I don’t know why I haven’t got this post up earlier but it’s better late than never? Yes okay let’s get on with it then. Of course Spring is just around the corner so that means colour can come back into our lives, I am loving pastels at the moment and slowly but surely are more colourful items finding their way into my wardrobe. I’m quite loving colourful knitwear, perfect for slouchy days at uni and of course gaping the transition of British Winter to Spring and then of course Spring to Summer. A jumper is always handy in my books, right now its perfect for shoving on with some jeans or shorts for a day time look and then once the warmer weather comes it can be thrown on when you’re at a summer night’s BBQ.

Jumper: Mango 

My pink Topshop jumper has had a lot of loving ever since I bought it in the January sales so I decided I needed another colourful jumper to keep it company. I came across this lovely Aztec Pastel print jumper from Mango on She’s a Secret Shopper’s blog and basically fell in love with it. I thought for £22.95 it was a pretty good price and also different to anything else I’d seen on the high street. Being the monkey that I am, I had it ordered within no time. It’s part of the new Kate Moss collection and you can see it on the latest Mango advert that is on the television at the moment, of course Kate doesn’t look as good in it as I do.. ha I joke, I joke. I love this jumper, it’s summery, it’s warm and comfy but it’s bloody huge! I ordered a small and worried that it might be too snug as I do like my knitwear to be nice and slouchy but I needn’t of worried as this is really big. So big I thought they had the labelling wrong. So keep this in mind if you want to make a cheeky order. Over than that the quality is great, it’s a little different and the delivery wasn’t bad either. Can’t complain. Though I really do need to stop spending.. aarrggg! I swear that book life of a shopaholic was about me! I would link the jumper from Mango but it doesn’t seem to be online any more (grrr) so keep an eye out in local stores and it might come back in stock, who knows.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Friday, mine has been nice, a little bit of shopping (doh) and a lunch at Nando’s went down very well, I’m now trying to crack on with the results section of my dissertation but I keep finding better things to do! Oh also by the way I never really mention on here but I have set up a Facebook page for this blog, I’m going to try and be really good and update it more, so if you’d like to like it, the link is (here) Hope you all have a lovely evening 🙂