My hair’s best friend: Moroccan Oil Review

Hey Lovelies!

So I get asked quite a lot on my blog and youtube channel how I manage to keep my hair in relatively good condition. I always used to say it was because I didn’t use heat on it very often but now I have my Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers in my life, I do use heat on my hair a lot more. However one product that have saved my hair from the frazzling of heated rollers a few times a week and bleaching the ends for a subtle dip dye look is Moroccan Oil. When this first started to appear on blogs and stuff I was interested, but being a student I just couldn’t justify paying £30.00 for a bottle of the stuff. Hey I even struggle to part with a product over £5 for my hair. But I was very lucky when at the Cosmo Blog Awards we were given a bottle worth the full price in our goody bags, I remember saying ‘sod the award, I’m chuffed with a bottle of Moroccan Oil.’ Such a beauty blogger sometimes.

How my hair usually looks once it’s been treated with Moroccan Oil. 

Anyways I’ve been using this since late October and I can safely say it is a little miracle worker, usually I don’t get on with serums, I’ve had so many experiences of using them and then my hair feeling really weighed down or greasy but this hasn’t happened with Moroccan Oil at all. I tend to use two pumps and run it through the ends of my hair and then dry my hair and voila, shiny soft hair. The website claims that it speeds drying time and I have to admit I do agree, I’ve noticed that drying my hair takes about 10 minutes which isn’t bad considering the length it is! However I have a word of warning, do not lie this down flat or it will leak. I did manage to lose quite a bit of oil cause I hadn’t noticed it had been leaking, I think if I’d of bought this I would of cried. So please be careful with that. I know it is expensive but you can get a smaller bottle for £12.00 which is the same price as other treatments on the high street and I’ve heard that Tresemme’s new Liquid Gold is quite good so might be worth trying that as a dupe. Over all I couldn’t recommend Moroccan oil enough if you have heat damaged hair, this leaves my hair really shiny and really soft which I think is quite a hard feat to do when your hair is as long and thick as mine. Have you used Moroccan Oil? What did you think?

I hope you all have a lovely afternoon and evening, tonight I am off to London to attend Collection 2000’s 25th Birthday, I’m really excited as lots of other bloggers are going and even Diana Vickers will be there! Oooh mingling with celebrities how exciting! I’ve let myself have a lazy morning today as I have been on it like a car bonnet with my uni work this week, I’ve spent my morning watching the last Geordie Shore episode of Season 2 (sob, sob) and catching up with the Daily Mail and blog posts. Hope you all have a lovely evening 🙂