Another Winner from Xen-Tan: Xen Tan’s Mousse Intense Review

Hey Lovelies!

So it’s no secret that I’m a bit of a fake tan addict! You will probably never see me pale which means choosing the right fake tan is very important to me. I’ve tried numerous fake tan’s over the years, some good and some not so good and after about six/seven years of fake tanning (yes I was an early starter) I feel I’ve finally found my favourite brands. Xen Tan is my current favourite fake tan brand, their Dark Lotion has became my all time favourite tan which is high praise indeed from a tanorexix! I was sent Xen Tan’s Mousse Intense to try out and see how it compared to my beloved dark lotion.

Xen Tan Mousse Intense*

Of course it was going to be a tough call as I literally cannot get enough of the dark lotion at the moment and after a few weeks of trying the mousse out I can still confirm that the lotion is still my favourite but I’m not writing the mousse intense off just yet you see. Xen Tan’s Mousse Intense is Medium/Dark so it’s not as dark as the dark lotion which sits in the dark tanning category whilst the mousse is more medium. The mousse glides on really well and dries almost instantly where the lotion takes a little longer. There are slight differences between the two Xen Tan products I have, the mousse has a very olive guide tone which is quite green, I was a little alarmed at first but I did check with Xen Tan who assured me this was normal, I did find that as soon as this was buffed in, the colour went to a brown so no need to worry if you like to put on fake tan and then go out straight away. The main thing I love about the Mousse Intense is the smell, it has the most yummiest vanilla scent that I wish you could bottle! The mousse also has the usual Xen Tan properties, lasts for a week without patching and gives you a natural colour. I do like the mousse but I’ve found using it on it’s own it’s not quite dark enough for me so I’ve taken to mixing the dark lotion and the mousse intense together to create a natural olive tan with a lovely scent! I’ve found that Feel Unique is the best place to buy Xen Tan, the mousse intense retails for £18.00 but if you want more information on Xen Tan their official website is here.

Oh one more thing, I’m sorry to be a massive pain but if anyone has a spare two minutes and wouldn’t mind answering a few questions for my boyfriend’s dissertation about their internet habits in relation to exercise (don’t worry it’s nothing personal). The questionnaire link is (here) big thanks in advance 🙂

Have you used Xen Tan? What’s your favourite product from them? I hope you all have a lovely evening 🙂

*PR Sample