Current Favourite Make Up Brushes

Hey Lovelies!

So we all know how important good make up brushes are when applying your make up and after years of trying lots of different brands, I’ve found a group of brushes that I feel are the best I’ve ever used. High praise indeed eh! Of course there are a few I’ve missed out but these are the core ones that are fairly new to my collection and do a damn good job at applying my make up!

Real Techniques: Buffing Brush: Oh the famous buffing brush, I got this as part of the Core Collection from Real Techniques and it is worth the song and dance that has been made about it. I use the buffing brush for my foundation and it really buffs the foundation into my skin which helps the overall finish. It also is amazing for applying my concealer when I use Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Maximum Protection which literally covers everything! The buffing brush really helps with the finish and almost makes me look like I have flawless skin which is pretty impressive! The only thing about the Core Collection is that the rest of the brushes are a bit meh.  But good news, Real Techniques seem to be releasing a very similar brush which will be sold on it’s own from this month (I think) so keep your eyes peeled for that! But the buffing brush is blimmin’ good, best foundation brush I’ve ever used!

Real Techniques: Stippling Brush: I used to use this as my foundation brush before I got the buffing brush and it was really good. However I’ve found a new use for this brush and that’s for my cream blush. I always never knew how to apply cream blusher, but the stippling brush is brilliant for applying cream blush to your cheeks. It’s really soft and helps buff the product without disturbing the rest of your make up, it’s a fab brush and if you’re a cream blush fan then this brush is a must for your collection!

Jemma Kidd: Blush Brush: I received this brush at the Jemma Kidd event I went to a few weeks back and I’ve been using it ever since! I’ve always struggled to find the ‘perfect’ blush brush that is the right size for the apples of your cheeks and the right size to pick up the colour and this Jemma Kidd brush is perfect for just that. It picks colour up really well and is just the right size to get the application right. However this brush is priced £25 which is a bit pricey! So I’d check places like ASOS and Feel Unique for when they have offers on, but this is a damn good blush brush that I’m really enjoying using.

Bobbi Brown: Blush Brush: I got this as part of a kit from my boyfriend for my birthday last year. I’ve been using this brush not for blush but for bronzer. A lot of bronzer brushes are quite large and make it quite hard to apply bronzer to specific areas of your face, for example the bridge of your nose or the temples of your forehead. This helps me apply my bronzer which is Nars Laguna to the right areas, and helps me create a sunkissed glow that looks natural.

No.7: Eyeshadow Blend and Contour Brush: I got this when Boots had one of their £5 off No.7 vouchers, so this badboy was something like £2.75. Bargain or what? This is a brilliant brush that I love so much. It’s really soft and is perfect for blending eyeshadow. It reminds me of MAC’s 217 but a lot cheaper! Blimmin’ marvellous!

Real Techniques: Shading Brush: This brush is great for applying colour to the crease of your eye. I love a defined crease and this helps apply the colour and then I’ll blend with my No.7 brush. I got this from Boots and it’s sold on it’s own for about £7 ish. I’ve also heard this is a fab brush for concealer, maybe I’ll try it for that one day but at the moment I’m loving using this to create smokey eyes!

So there we go my current favourite brushes! You can probably tell I am liking the Real Techniques range, they’re affordable, good quality and now can be bought from Boots! Wahooo! What’s your favourite current brushes? Any you think I should add to my collection?

I hope you’re all having a lovely day….