The Essentials for a Perfect Manicure

Hey Lovelies!

So you should all know by now that I’m a bit of a nail polish addict. I have probably enough polishes to start up a nail salon and I always find choosing what colour to paint my nails a very hard decision as I have too much choice! Over the years of painting my nails I have discovered the importance of having pre and post nail polish treatments. The unsung heroes, that can make a world of difference to your manicure and after years of trying lots of base and top coats I finally feel I have a very strong team behind me and my nails.

Of course I’m talking about base and top coats, they are essential when painting your nails trust me. And they don’t have to be expensive either. So let’s get on to the current trio of products that I use and how they help make my manicure last.

Models Own 3 in 1 Used as Base Coat: Now I know some people think base coats are irrelevant but if you paint your nails I cannot stress how much they can help your nails. I never have bare nails, I just don’t like the look and ever since I left school five years ago I have never been seen without nail polish. So you probably imagine my nails are in pretty bad condition? Quite stained from years of different coloured polish? Na da, thanks to using a base coat my nails are in good condition, a normal colour and healthy. Using a base coat helps stop nail polish staining your nails and helps when taking your polish off as it comes off easily and leaves less of a trace. I like the Models Own 3 in 1 as you could use it as a top coat too but I’ve just been using it as a base coat. It helps my nails stay strong and prevents dark colours staining my nails. It’s £5.00 so is a bargain and is 14ml so lasts you quite a while.

Seche Vite Top Coat: Now you know when you buy something and use it a couple of times and think ‘wow this is amazing, how did I live without it?’ Yeah I had that feeling with Seche Vite, a product which has cult status and is hailed as the best topcoat ever. I spotted this when in Sally’s beauty supply for £4.00 ish which is a really good price as it retails for £10.50 on Asos. This is a fast drying top coat which you put on when your nails are still wet and it dries the polish in seconds. This is a godsend to me as I always get so bored when waiting for my nails to dry, this speeds up nail painting and I thought this was the holy grail top coat I’d been after. However it is amazing at drying your nails and leaving them glossy but it’s not that great for preventing your nails from chipping. I found my nails lasted about two days before chipping and this is nail polish I’ve worn before and has lasted a good four to five days. I was a bit like ‘oh’ so it’s brilliant for drying your nails and is now a key routine in my nail painting routine but it’s not the best for making your manicure last which leads me onto….

China Glaze No Chip Top Coat: Now I suppose maybe I had too high expectation from going from this to Seche Vite as China Glaze’s No Chip Top Coat does exactly what it says on the bottle… no chips. When I use this my nails tend to go at least four days with no chipping and means I only have to paint my nails once a week. However this takes ages to dry, so by mixing it with Seche Vite, one coat of each I have the best of both worlds. Fast drying and glossy long lasting nails which is exactly what I want. They really do make the perfect duo. I know that China Glaze and Seche Vite isn’t the most easy to find but if you live near a Sally’s beauty supply you can get them both there for about £10 together. Or try Beautyzone2007 who ship from America but are pretty fast considering the distance.

After years of trying different top and base coats, these are my favourites so far, other ones that I’ve used in the past which are pretty good are: China Glaze’s First and Last used as base coat and Barry M’s 3 in 1 which also has a hardener meaning your nails don’t break as easily. What’s your favourite base and top coats?

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! Mine has been spent mostly cowering indoors from the rain! Though today I managed to do some more dissertation work whilst watching Wills and Kate the movie which I shamefully enjoyed! Can you believe it’s been a year since the Royal Wedding? Today also marks another anniversary, one year since I bought my Naked palette! Ha.. what royal wedding? Have a lovely evening 🙂