Feeling Clueless: Topshop’s Lipstick Clueless Review

Hey Lovelies!

Well first and foremost Happy Easter! I hope you’re all having a lovely day, mine has been very lazy and has involved watching High School Musical 3 and rekindling my love for Zac Efron. Then feeling rather guilty about my lack of doing uni work over the Easter holidays so far. Trying to promise myself that next week will be a getting my head down week, fingers crossed though! Anyways enough about Zac Efron and my lack of motivation, let’s brighten the mood with my latest lipstick purchase.

Now if you’ve read this blog for a while you will know I am a nude lipstick kinda girl, rarely do I wear bright colours as I feel they don’t suit me. However this has changed lately, I have found myself wearing a slightly brighter lip in the form of Topshop’s lipstick Coy which is a peachy/pinky nude colour. It’s really brightened my make up and whenever I now put on a old favourite such as Creme D’nude by MAC I find myself thinking ‘ oh this is a bit boring.’ So as the warmer weather is on the way (fingers crossed anyways) I decided I wanted another slightly brighter lipstick for daytime wear and decided Topshop was the place to head with purse friendly prices and an array of colours to choose from. I decided to go with Clueless which is a new addition to Topshop’s lipstick range, it’s a stick like Coy but doesn’t seem to be as drying which is a good thing as much as I love Coy I always need to wear a balm or gloss over the top. Clueless is what you’d imagine Cher from the brilliant 90’s film Clueless to wear (maybe that’s wear the name is from?) a bright barbie pink that I basically fell in love with. As it’s a lip stick you can adapt the colour, a slight swash for a pink stain or a couple of coats for a pout that Barbie would envy. I wore this lipstick in my orange Zara jeans post and a few of you asked what the colour was. So far I’m really liking Clueless and for £7.00 or £6.30 with student discount you really can’t knock it.

I even wore this outside the flat yesterday to work, feeling a little self conscious at first but then got used to wearing a brighter lip and it can’t of been that bad as a man at work called me a ‘fitty’. Nevertheless he didn’t have very many teeth but it can’t of been that scarily bright! I am enjoying experimenting more with my make up and colours, who’d of thought the girl with a collection of nude lipsticks would love bright colours? Next I’m thinking of a slightly orange/red lipstick, maybe Infrared from Topshop could be my next purchase?
You can get Clueless online here, or in store at Topshop. There are so many nice things in the Topshop make up range at the moment, it really is a great brand that doesn’t break the bank unlike their clothes!

Right I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Easter Sunday, I may try to fit a little uni work in but I know I’ll probably end up indulging in my Easter eggs and watching Toy Story in a couple of hours 🙂