Flower Power: Outfit Post

Hey Lovelies!

Apologises for the lack of posts in the past few days, I’ve been snowed under with uni work! I had a very leisurely Easter holidays and then it suddenly dawned on me that I have lots of deadlines, cue massive panic and a few days of sitting hunched over my laptop. So I’m in another rush again today, we’re off back home for the week again as my boyfriend has part 2 of his  work placement so that means today I’ve been packing and tidying as well making youtube videos. It’s been one of days when nothing seems to be getting done! I now also can’t find my ipod! Ahhh stress stress!

So I thought I’d just pop up a quick outfit post from Wednesday evening, I was invited down to London to attend the launch party for MUA and Alexandra Burke’s new lipstick line called Lip Boom. I will be posting more info about the party and lipsticks very soon so look out for that, for the time being here’s what I wore! It was held in a private members club that is a regular with celebrities including my fave Mollie from the Saturdays. I decided to go with a Primark playsuit, my trusty leather jacket, tights and flats. Yes I know I am the world’s least glam person, but the thought of getting the tube and train in heels just fills me with dread. Luckily even though I’m short my legs are quite long so I can get away with flats most of the time. I am going to look out for some wedges though that are daytime friendly so that when I go to these events no one thinks I’m skiving from school.

Jacket: Miss Selfridge

Playsuit: Primark

Tights: Primark

Shoes: Primark

Of course the event was amazing, I got to meet Alexandra Burke (more on that another time) and her beau Jermain Defoe which my Dad was very impressed about. I spent the whole evening pinching myself thinking ‘how on earth have I ended up here?’ Makes me feel lucky at how many opportunities I get thanks to blogalogging! So yeah there we go, I will blog in more detail about the party so don’t worry! Now I’m back to do some final packing and try and find my bleeding Ipod! Have a nice Sunday 🙂