Mr Lover Lover: Rekindling my love for Illamasqua’s Lover Blush

Hey Lovelies!

I was going to put a sensible title such as ‘shopping my stash’ for this post but I just couldn’t turn down an opportunity to quote the genius that is Shaggy. Anyways I did shop my stash last night when I was watching Toy Story and came across a blush that I had completely forgot that I owned. Too much make up for my own good! Illamasqua’s Lover is a bright peach blush that I bought just before my holiday to Crete last summer when I was after the perfect peach blush. I didn’t actually use it that much and turned to another peach favourite Mac’s Warmth of Coral instead. However when swatching them yesterday, I realised how much of as pretty blush Lover is and decided to pop it back into my core make up collection bag.

I know these photos aren’t quite right colour wise, but it’s really horrible and grey here today so blame the weather! 

I’m having a lazy day at home today but decided to put some make up on as I was bored and thought it would kill some time where I don’t have to do uni work. I gave Lover a whirl using my new favourite blush brush by Jemma Kidd and wow. I can’t believe I’ve left this blush to just sit and gather dust for like six months what was I thinking? It’s a bright peach in the pan but a lot less scary when applied, it’s the perfect peachy blush that is matte but not chalky. It’s pigmented, it lasts all day and it perfect for complimenting my current fave lip colour which is Coy by Topshop. All I know is now I won’t be neglecting this blush again, it will be a firm staple in my make up bag! Also if you like the look of Lover, Debenhams have a special 10% off beauty till tomorrow! So this blush which is usually £16.50 is now £14.85 (link). So grab it now whilst it’s on offer!

Have you shopped your stash lately and found any gems like I did? I hope you’re all having a lovely Easter Monday, I have failed once again by being not very productive. All I’ve done is procrastinate on the Internet and eat Easter Eggs. Not good eh. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. Btw Made in Chelsea tonight! Totes amaze! Ha can’t believe I just said totes… never again.