My new Baby: Zara Shopper Basket

Hey Lovelies!

Back again after a lovely week back home where I had a nice chill! But now back to uni for the last month and if today is anything to go by, the next few weeks are going to be very stressful! So I think it’s a good job that I have a new purchase to help me get through the stressful weeks ahead! I decided a little while ago that I wanted a new handbag, as much as I love my faux Mulberry I felt it was time for a new bag. I had been using my Mulberry every day since August which is a long time when you’re usually a change your handbag regularly kind of girl. I had a look around and fell in love with a shopper tote from Zara.  Now you all know of my love for Mollie King’s wardrobe so when I saw she had the same bag I thought it was definitely meant to be.

Zara Shopper Basket

It was only £39.99 which I think is a good price for a good quality bag. I’m not sure if it’s real leather or not but to be honest I would doubt that it was. I had it delivered to my local store and it came packaged in a massive box with gorgeous aqua tissue paper which was a nice touch. The bag itself is lovely albeit a little large! I don’t if it’s just that I’m tiny but it is massive! My boyfriend says it’s a bucket bag and I am curious whether I’d actually fit in it. It is massive so holds lots of things which is great. There are three different compartments for items such as lipstick, chewing gum etc. However here is my quip with it, there’s no zipped compartment, I know that isn’t essential but I like having a secure bit for my keys and girly bits. I also noticed today with the torrential rain that the fact the bag is always open so your things can get a little wet. I think if there’s another day where it just rains I will use my faux mulberry! Apart from that I do love this bag and I like to carry it around pretending I’m one of the Saturdays!

What’s your favourite handbag of the moment? I hope you’ve all had a lovely day and not been rained on unlike me! I am going to have a very unhealthy tea in my pj’s and watch Made in Chelsea… aaah and relax!