My two cents on Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Foundation and L’oreal’s Lumi Magique Foundation

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Now if you’re an avid reader of beauty blogs and watch beauty YouTube videos you will of probably heard of two fairly new drugstore foundations which have taken the beauty world by storm. I have seen countless reviews of both these foundations and like the easily enabled person that I am it wasn’t long before I had to try them out for myself. Like I said there is loads of reviews on these foundations but this is my two cents and I thought I’d review them both together rather than doing two separate posts.

I’m obviously talking about Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Foundation* and L’oreal’s Lumi Magique foundation which can be found in places like Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets etc. Both are quite cheap, Rimmel being the cheapest at about £8.99 and L’oreal at £10.99. Remember though that Boots and Superdrug usually have offers on so keep that in mind if you’re going to decide on price. So they’re both purse friendly and are quite similar in my opinion. But before I get contrasting let’s give them their little own moment of spot light.

Rimmel Wake Me Up*: What They Say: Right so this foundation claims to give you a ‘healthy and radiant glow’ that makes you look like you had a good nights sleep when you might of actually been up all night partying with One Direction.  (One Direction fans will get that little bit there) Just an example there by the way that’s an example I thought of that’s not on the actual foundation bottle, be funny if it was though. So Wake Me Up has a list of ingredients to give you a radiant glow which includes: illuminating radiance pearls, peptide formulation to make your skin look all bouncy and a vitamin moisturising complex to make your skin look fresh. Sounds very scientific doesn’t it? It also claims to last 10 hours and provides a medium/full coverage.

L’oreal Lumi Magique: What They Say: So L’oreal claim that Lumi Magique gives your skin instant radiance. It lights your skin from within I think is near enough the tag line that they use on the adverts on the telly. On L’oreal’s website it also states that it has a light texture, let’s skin breathe with 24 hours of moisture. It’s also light infusing and has a SPF of 18 which isn’t stated on the bottle (naughty.) It’s also oil free so can be used on oily skins too.

Rimmel Wake Me Up*: What I say: Now first things first I did get sent this to review by Glam not Rimmel but I just wanted to let you know I got sent this, not that it affects my opinion as I was going to go and buy it myself anyways. Right so what sold this foundation to me was the ‘wake me up’ effect. We all want a product that’s going to create a miracle and turn us from being a zombie to Millie Mackintosh. This foundation does have a slight shimmer in the bottle but once it’s on your face you can’t tell, well I can’t anyways. It’s not like Revlon’s Photoready which is quite glittery so don’t let that put you off. I apply this with my Real Techniques buffing brush and really buff it into my skin. I’d say this gives a medium coverage and gives you a very dewy effect. I have oily/normal skin at the moment and I do tend to usually use a bit of powder on my t-zone as other wise I look too shiny. I find this lasts about five/six hours before needing a good powder on me but it may last the full ten hours on dry/normal skins. I do like this foundation though, it has a nice fresh scent which reminds me of a rimmel foundation I used to use when I was like 16. It makes me look dewy and fresh which is a look I love at the moment. It’s a really nice foundation and really good value too. Of course there are some drawbacks, there are only six shades which is a bit of a shame and the colour I have isn’t perfect for me but it’s near enough. It also has a SPF 15. Rating: 8/10

L’oreal Lumi Magique: What I say: I got wake me up first and I thought that I didn’t need to go get Lumi Magique too, but I caved and took advantage of Boots’s 3 for 2. Lumi Magique I think is slightly better suited for oily skins, it is a oil free formula so that’s probably why. I find that this doesn’t leave my skin as shiny but more dewy and glowy. I can get away with not powdering and usually could go throughout the day without powdering. It’s a little more longer lasting than Wake Me Up. It’s medium coverage again, if I’m having a bad skin day I have to tend to layer this up in more problem areas. I again apply this with my buffing brush and I think the colour is more suited to my skin tone as there are a lack of shades like Rimmel but at least there is different skin tones. So I could find a shade that’s quite yellow toned which suits my skin better. Out of the two I think I prefer Lumi Magique to Wake Me Up, it’s a foundation I can just put on and find it makes me look really dewy and healthy which is the look I love at the moment. It’s a extra couple of pounds but it’s worth it. Although I’m now coveting the primer which my fave Millie Mackintosh uses!  Rating 9/10

Above: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation*

Above: L’oreal Lumi Magique Foundation: The left picture is with flash, the right one is no flash. 

The Final Verdict: Over all both of these are really nice drugstore foundations. They provide me with what I want but I do find myself reaching for Lumi Magique more often than Wake Me Up. I’d recommend Wake Me Up for Normal/Dry skins and Lumi Magique for Oily/Combination/Normal skins. It’s nice to see two foundations that don’t cost a fortune doing what they live up to, Wake Me Up makes you look awake and Lumi Magique lights your face up and makes it all glowy. I’ve had samples of high end foundations lately from counters and I’ve preferred both these foundations to them. So there’s my two cents and kudos if you’ve got to this point through all my waffle. I just always quite like to give detailed reviews for foundations so hope you don’t mind! Have you tried either of these two foundations? What’s your favourite?

I hope you all have had a lovely Tuesday 🙂 today I swore to myself that I’d get myself motivated to do work but I just can’t 🙁 Oh well I think a trip to the library is due later this week! Also I’m off to a last minute event tomorrow evening in London that I am so excited to share with you but all will be revealed in due course 😉

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