Holiday Lip Treats: Carmex’s Latest Offerings

Hey Lovelies,

So a nice little treat popped through my letterbox the other day, some surprise Carmex goodies! Carmex is a brand that I’ve heard of and seen in Boots/Superdrug but never purchased. Carmex is obviously a range which specifies in lip products. I’m quite lucky with the fact that I never really suffer from chapped lips, the only time I tend to is when it’s really cold! But apart from that my lips are quite normal so this means I always tend to forget about buying any lip care products. The three products that I was sent was the Carmex Moisture Plus in Pink, the lip pot original and the Carmex Strawberry lip balm.

Carmex Products*

Now I haven’t tried the Strawberry one just yet as I’m saving it for mine and my boyfriend’s trip to America. My boyfriend always manages to sunburn his lips so I thought this strawberry version which has a SPF of 15 would be perfect for New York, Orlando and Miami weather. I just hope it doesn’t tint your lips red! But I my have been loving the other two products. The lip pot original is now next to bed and I  apply it every night, as I realised I can look after my lips even when they’re not chapped and I love the minty tingly sensation that the original pot delivers. You can really feel it working! Then I’ve also loved the Carmex Moisture Plus which is like a lip tint and a lip moisture product all in one! I got the shade pink and it’s a real sheer baby pink colour which is great on it’s own or for putting over the top of a lipstick. It feels tingly too and makes your lips really soft whilst they’re a pretty colour. I’ve spied there’s a peach version too that I might have to get as I am obsessed with peach at the moment! All in all I’m very impressed and also love the prices! Everything is under £5.00 and the packaging makes it look a lot more expensive! You can get Carmex from Boots, Superdrug and supermarkets.  Do you use Carmex products?

So I hope you all have a lovely Monday evening, today marked a big day for me as I have officially finished university! I handed in my last essay today so I’m all done! I feel a bit weird cause it still feels like I have work to do but I’m sure it will sink in soon! I have a few days of celebrating coming up, including Pizza Express for lunch, a night out with my course mates (which I guess will be messy) and a exciting blogging event. Maybe I’ll have a lady of leisure week then I’ll start the job hunt. Oh Joy! Have a great evening 🙂