How I Style My Hair & The Products I Use: Video

Hey Lovelies!

Hope you’re all having a nice Saturday, mine has consisted of uni work like most of my days consist of at the moment. Giving myself a little break though to write a cheeky blog post for any of you are in the blog reading mode this afternoon/evening. I get a lot of comments about my hair on both here and my you tube channel and I finally got round  to making a how I style my hair video and an updated hair products that I use video. I haven’t posted any videos on here in a while mainly because I always forget to! But I’ve received a few emails and comments about how I style my hair recently so I thought I’d pop the videos I’ve made on my channel on here along with some words about it all. So apologies if you’ve already watched the videos on my channel, and I hope that this post doesn’t come across as me ramming videos down your throat or that I’m hugely egoistical. I promise you I’m not, hopefully all of you who like big hair will find it useful! Okay so enough blabbing now.

I’ve made a collage of some products that I use and mention in the two videos. These are the key products that I use to style my hair so I thought they’d be the most relevant to feature. I have posted about some of these products before so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

L’oreal Mythic Oil: My latest post was done on this. Have to say I’m a big fan, makes my hair shiny and soft and may even be better than Moroccan Oil. The price helps too.

Tangle Teezer: This little genius invention is a godsend for my hair, most of the time my hair is like rats tails which means brushing it can be a nightmare! A tangle teezer helps me brush through my hair with ease and helps it become shiny and soft! Haven’t used another hair brush in a year since I bought this!

Davines NuoNuo Pak  Repairing Hair Mask*: I love using a deep intensive treatment on my hair and this is my current favourite. It’s really thick and creamy which I just love slopping on the ends of my hair for about 20 minutes once or twice a week. Although it’s not the nicest smelling mask in the world it does the job and transforms dull, dry locks to soft and shiny ones.

John Freida Full Repair Range: I use the Shampoo, conditioner, heat activated styling spray and root lift mousse*: These are great for creating volume in your hair but also making it shiny. The heat activated styling spray is great for making your style last longer. I use these for when I want especially big hair.

Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers*: I’ve always preferred having my hair curly to straight but could never quite the volume to go with curly hair. Well until I started using these rollers. I love these rollers and I don’t think I could live without them… extreme but true. They heat up in two minutes and help create curls and volume to envy Cheryl’s locks. Definitely worth the money.

Finally I thought I’d include a picture of my favourite Cheryl Cole or Cheryl as she likes to be known these days. Cheryl is my hair idol and I feel I am finally getting my hair to look similar to hers. I know I probably will never be able to re create her locks exactly but I can give it a good go with my rollers! Right so onto the videos, the first one is the products I use and the second is how I style my hair using the Enrapture rollers. I know that rollers can be a bit weird to start off with but once you get the hang of them, they’re really easy to use!

So I hope you’ve liked this mammoth hair post, it’s given me a nice distraction from uni work! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Saturday 🙂