L’oreal Mythic Oil Review

Hey Lovelies!

I am a big lover of shiny hair, the shinier the better in my opinion! I always long to have hair so shiny that you can see your reflection in it… if that’s even possible I mean! I think that shiny hair represents healthy hair which is probably why I’m so obsessed with conditioning my hair! However with more and more hair oils coming onto the market, getting our hair as shiny as Jessie J’s is no longer a mean feat! I’ve tried and reviewed the famous Moroccan Oil and yes  it is bloomin’ marvellous but mighty expensive, so I decided when nearing the end of my bottle that I needed to find a cheaper alternative. I was visiting my hairdressers a few weeks ago and noticed she was using L’oreal’s Mythic Oil which was a hair oil I’d seen mentioned on quite a few of my favourite blogs. I asked if she liked it and she said yes and uses it over Moroccan Oil and it was also a lot cheaper too! With that I was sold and with a little trip to Sally’s beauty supply where I picked this up for about £9 ish and I couldn’t wait to use it.

I’ve been using Mythic Oil for about four weeks now and used it every time that I’ve washed my hair so I feel I have a proper grasp of the product. I have to say I’m impressed! L’oreal’s Mythic Oil contains slightly different ingredients to Moroccan Oil as it features avocado and grape seed oil which provides a light weight feel as other oils such as Moroccan Oil can be too heavy for fine hair. I have to say this oil is really light and you can’t feel it in your hair at all. I do hate it when you use a serum/oil that makes your feel really sticky and greasy. Mythic Oil  also smells so nice! So much nicer than Moroccan Oil and I think that I may even like Mythic Oil more than Moroccan Oil.. which is quite the controversy. 😉 I tend to use about three pumps and it leaves my hair feeling really soft and shiny which is always a winner in my eyes! I’ve noticed my hair has been really shiny and well I think Mythic Oil might be a keen contender for best hair oil in my eyes. Also big bonus it’s not that expensive whoo hooo! You can purchase it from Sally’s like I did if you have a trade card for about £9 ish, or Feel Unique and other similar sites for about £13 or you can wait for it to come up on Buyapowa. Brilliant!

Shiny hair thanks to L’oreal Mythic Oil… because you’re worth it and all that jazz 😉 

So that’s my  little review over, now time to get back to dissertation work. Editing is sooooo boring, especially when it’s the methodology section! Though it’s slightly worrying me how many words I have written, who knew I could write over 10,000 words on beauty blogs? Also just a little notice, the Cosmo Blog Award nominations have started today (seems like only five minutes since last years nominations!) Obviously you know what I’m like and I’m not gonna say YOU MUST VOTE FOR ME because well there’s a lot better blogs out there, but if you do like my blog and enjoy reading it you can nominate HERE or you can just go the link and nominate your fave blogs! I’ve nominated mine 🙂 go and spread the love! I hope you all have a lovely Thursday afternoon/evening, I hope you all have more fun than what I’m having editing my dissertation. 🙂


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