My New Favourite Foundation: My Face Cosmetics’ My Mix Foundation

Hello 🙂

I’ve become a bit of a foundation junkie of late, I seem to be always searching for the perfect foundation for both day and night. However with being a student (I may of finished university but I refuse to stop calling myself a student just yet) I haven’t got bucket loads of money to just spend on high end foundations. However tempting it may be. Of course I do own some high end foundations that I wouldn’t be without but I still love to find a good drugstore gem! I feel I have had one of those gem finding moments. My Face Cosmetics is a reasonably unknown brand to someone like me, I have heard of them but not really heard much about them. I’d never seen much hype on blogs or Youtube so I always used to bypass their stand in Boots. That was until one day I was in a little dream world browsing the stands and swatching to my hearts content when I noticed that the My Face Cosmetics stand had a big 75% off everything poster and a big trolley full of products. Well I am quite the bargain hunter and noticed their My Mix Foundation was on top of the trolley, I briefly remember seeing an article saying that Millie Mackintosh liked this and well you all know anything Millie uses I am all over like a heat rash. So I picked up a medium shade thinking well if it’s rubbish it won’t matter as it will be less than £5! I got to the till and paid £3.60 for this foundation which full price is £14.99, I thought wow what a bargain, I then went back to the stand just five minutes prior to being there before as I thought I might pick a couple more shades up as it was so cheap and something terrible had happened. The trolley with all the products had gone. The My Face Cosmetics stand was all sad and empty and to be honest it made me feel sad and empty. I however thought ‘ I hope this is rubbish as I won’t get another one.’

My Face Cosmetics My Mix Foundation

Oh and here comes the fate of the make up gods, I don’t like this foundation…. I LOVE IT. A typical sods law situation in where I have found a new love in my life. The My Mix foundation is the perfect coverage, it’s medium so hides everything but feels incredibly light on your skin. There are also so many shades and shade variations, there’s three types of each shade so for example medium 1 for rosy undertones, medium 2 for warm undertones etc. I picked up medium 3 as I didn’t know there were different types of medium, I’m kicking myself for not picking up a medium 1 and 2 for paler days! The foundation colours are so well matched, they sink into your skin and adapt to your skin tone, when I have a fake tan on this matches my face so well! It’s even okay for paler days when I add a light amount! The finish is matte in the right places and the dewy in the others, it gives the exact finish I love.. the Millie Mackintosh finish. Also I gave it the ultimate test, the night out test. This test is very crucial for foundations, some will fail and melt away with your inhibitions as the vodka and cokes mount up and some will leave you with the ghost face syndrome.

The finish of My Mix Foundation 

 When you find a good night out foundation you hold onto it and girls and any boys who may be reading this foundation passed the night out test with flying colours. It lasted in the hot clubs (granted I was home by 1 am but it had lasted since 6pm) and didn’t give me a ghost face, yes that’s right when I had that fateful horror of ‘you have been tagged in a umpteen photos on Facebook’ I was thinking ‘ will I have a white face and tanned body?’ ‘Will my arms look like a joint of gammon?’ Thankfully the Facebook gods were on my side and my face matched my body. This means My Mix Foundation may be my new holy grail foundation. It looks good in the day, it looks good at night but I no longer can get it in Boots. The My Face Cosmetics stand has now been replaced by an Essie stand. I love nail polish as much as the next beauty blogger, but I’m still a little devastated that I can’t just get this foundation so easily. I think you can buy it from the My Face website but if you see a stand in your boots with a 75% off sign, grab one of these or three foundations and run to the till! One last thing, when I got home and started to research this foundation for this post, I came across this article which claims my hero Cheryl Cole loves this foundation. Well I tell you what I almost wet my pants, could this foundation be any more perfect? I do have one con, the packaging is a bit messy see the above picture. Other than that I bloody love this foundation and well if it’s good enough for Cheryl it’s good enough for me.

Have you ever tried My Face Cosmetics? I hope you’ve all had a great day, I’ve spent my Monday sunbathing, cleaning and getting frustrated about there being a lack of jobs in the sector I want in the area I live. Needless to say I took my frustration out on the kitchen work tops and also did Level 1 of the 30 day shred… after doing this my boyfriend comes home with a box of Kripsy Kreme donuts… well I may of worked off a bite of one so this means I can have one right and not feel totally guilty? I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening… I am of course excited about Made in Chelsea!!! 🙂