Summer’s Here: River Island Outfit of The Day

Hello! 🙂

So today I went to London for a couple of things. Like actual events not that I just popped to London cause I needed some milk and cucumber. I do actually need some cucumber on that thought though. So yes I went to the big smoke for an exciting day, I can’t reveal exactly what I was doing but it was very nerve racking/exciting at the same time, I also met Youtube sensation Tanya Burr at this secret going on and I did have a bit of a fan girl moment. I told her how much I loved her videos and well basically was like ‘aaah.’ I always get that way when I meet ‘big’ bloggers and youtubers! They’re like celebrities in my eyes! Anyways so the other thing I went to London today was for the Debenhams A/W Press day. I’ll do a separate post on this but I saw some great new products for A/W and fell in love with the home section. But like I said we’ll leave that for another day!

Top: River Island (this has now sold out but there’s a link for another top I bought which is similar)

Shorts: River Island 

Belt: Primark 

So again it was another lovely day here in the UK! But my gosh summer is not good in London, I think I’ve spent most of my day looking bedraggled thanks to the heat. The tubes are like something else! I was quite relieved when I got back home and had a little nap to sleep of a day’s worth of travelling, nerves and being too hot! I do think I’m still a country girl at heart you know! I decided to go for quite a simple outfit today, shorts and a top. It’s my favourite type of outfit, really simple but also can look nice. I wore my new orange and black silk top from River Island which I got in their sale for a cracking £10! I’d been eyeing this up full price so when I saw it was that cheap I couldn’t resist. I love the colour, I think it really works with my dark hair and now natural tan (whooo) I’m sure it will be a holiday favourite. I also wore my River Island high waisted shorts which I really love as they’re quite vintage. However they can show your bum as I realised today. So apologies to anyone in London who was blinded by the sight of a slight bum cheek. I don’t normally take part in such behaviour. I also wore (well changed in the toilet before the events) my new Forever 21 wedges which are like a new love in my life. But again I’m going to dedicate a whole post to these babies, so you’ll have to wait a couple of days before you get to hear the full verdict. Ooh I’m being very teasey today aren’t I? Overall I had a good day and even got to see my Dad for a bit of lunch as he was in London too, so that was a nice bonus!

I hope you’ve all had a good day whatever you’ve been up to! I’ve heard through the grapevine the weather isn’t going to be as great for the next couple of days so I hope you’ve been making the most of the sun!! Hope you all have a lovely evening 🙂