The Sun Has Got His Hat On: Outfit

Hey Lovelies!

So this week we’re supposed to be seeing some proper sun! Word on the street is we’re meant to have a heatwave! Hoooray. After almost two months of grey weather and rain it’s nice to see that yellow thing in the sky and for it to actually feel like summer! Being the summer person that I am, this means my summer wardrobe can now be brought out, and today was first of many days where my shorts were taken out of hiding. Well they haven’t really been hiding cause well after all I wear shorts all year round with tights but today marked a momentous occasion of bare legs! My boyfriend and I nipped into town this afternoon to run some errands and have a cheeky happy hour deal at Pizza Hut. Promise the healthy eating starts soon okay? I also exchanged a skirt for a gorgeous pair of denim shorts in River Island which I’m sure will feature on here very soon!

I realise I look a little weird in this photo, but it was the best out of the lot. 

Top: Topshop

Shorts: Primark

Shoes: Primark 

Today I opted for my trusty black shorts which still remain as bargain of the century, I picked these bad boys up for just £5 in Primark last summer. They are such a nice quality and go with everything, I also love their fit and they look like a pair you could pick up in Topshop! I decided to pair it with this cream blouse I picked up in the Topshop sale back at Easter time. I love the whole tailored look and every now and then I pick something like this up as it’ll be perfect for a work wardrobe (whenever I get a job) I thought the two together looked quite nice and the slightly longer sleeves of the blouse outweighed the fact that I had my legs out. Needless to say no one else was in summer gear in town, despite it being 20 degrees plus. Pah, let’s hope from tomorrow onwards other people will start donning their summer clothes. My boyfriend also has tomorrow off and tomorrow is meant to be really hot, 25 degrees if you live in the South of England like me, I want to go to the beach and my boyfriend wants to hire a carpet cleaner as he says a hot day is the best day to clean the carpets. Yawn. I will try and persuade him of a day of ice cream, the beach and chips! Okay maybe healthy eating starts Wednesday yes?

I hope you all have a lovely evening, tonight is a great night of tv for me. The last ever two One Tree Hill episodes air, which I know will just have me in tears. I well up at the advert, such an end of an era and then my favourite Made in Chelsea. Will Louise still be with pug boy aka Spencer or will she of seen sense and gone for Jamie Biscuits? Will Millie drop kick Rosie into next week and will Kimberley finally reveal she isn’t actually a Disney Princess? I guess we’ll find out at ten. 🙂