A Weekend In The Sun

Hello 🙂 

Little bit of a different post from me tonight, I couldn’t quite decide what to post about so decided to go for a mixture of things that have consisted of my weekend in the sun! The weather has been truly lovely here in the UK, we’ve had a bit of a heatwave so that means spending as much time as possible in the hot weather! 

 So I’ve spent most of the weekend on my balcony on my new £13 Argos sun lounger which is easily the best £13 I’ve spent in a while! To keep me occupied I’ve been using my phone to browse Twitter, my Kindle where I read what I thought would be a chick lit book about a cougar instead it was very saucy! It would of turned the air blue! Still it was quite an amusing read. I’ve also been enjoying using the shuffle button on my Ipod, today some right gems were played; Busted, Girls Aloud and Kelly Clarkson. I do have some cool music on there I promise 😉 

 To make the most of this weather and my natural tan, a neon nail polish was needed. China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy really is the most perfect colour for summer, it’s so bright and makes your hands look 100x more tanned!

 Finally this is the look I’ve been sporting in the hot weather, all I have on make up wise is a bit of concealer as I have broke out this week. Yes my skin obviously couldn’t keep clear for more than two weeks, oh well hopefully it’s just hormones! My Mauka Doctor and La Roche Products have been helping though! 

So there we go, there’s my weekend in the sun! How have you spent this weekend? I hope you’ve all made the most of the sunshine! I’m off now to make the most of this summer evening, though I know I’ll probably spend most of it glued to my screen watching Soccer Aid… Olly Murs in a football kit for 90 minutes? HELLO! 🙂