Accessorize Lovely Day Palette Vs Urban Decay Naked Palette


So you all know by now my love for the first Naked palette by Urban Decay. I use it practically every day and it’s probably my most treasured make up item. It’s been very loved and it starting to look a little worn! However I know that the Naked palette is quite pricey, £36.00 to be exact and although this is a good price for 12 high quality eye shadows it can be an eye watering price for essentially just eyeshadow. Now there have been high street dupes that have come out but one that has come out lately and doesn’t claim to be a Naked dupe at all has caught my eye. I recently got sent one of the new Accessorize wonder eye palettes, I got the Lovely Day one which has more neutrals which is obviously right up my street. If you read a lot of beauty blogs you will of probably seen quite a few posts about these palettes so I thought I would take a little different approach with my review and compare it to my beloved Naked palette. I wasn’t holding out for much but as soon as I got swatching I realised there are some shades which are exact dupes for some that are in the Urban Decay palette. The best thing is that this palette is a lot cheaper at £8.95 and features 32 shadows which are a mixture between matte and shimmer.

Accessorize Lovely Day Palette* vs Urban Decay Naked Palette

My general thoughts on the Lovely Day palette are good, it features a wide range of shades which are mostly neutrals but there are few brighter blue and purples if you like a little colour. There is a range of browns shimmery and matte and even some greys which look great on blue and green eyes. However I do have a little gripe with this palette and maybe it’s because I’ve been using the Naked palette for so long, but I feel you have to work quite hard to get a really good colour pay off on your eyes. I’ve tried with a few different brushes and think this palette works best with a flat top brush and then using a fluffy brush to blend it after. But like I said this is palette is under £10 and has 32 shades, maybe my expectations are too high? I still would recommend this palette though as the value of it and the shade variety are second to none. Also how cute is the packaging?

Right so let’s start with the Naked comparisons. Unfortunately the Lovely Day palette doesn’t have shadow names so this means that I found it quite hard to let you all know exactly which shadow was which. I have tried to write down which was which but once you look at the palette it’s quite easy to see exactly which shade is naked like! Let’s start with a flesh coloured shade, Naked is the one in the Naked palette and is great as a base for your eye looks. In the second row of the Lovely day palette we have a shadow which is very similar and looks great as a base. Next up we have some dark browns to compare, Dark horse is one of my favourite shades from the Naked palette and works great in the crease, the Lovely Day palette also houses a dark brown which is very similar to Dark horse! This shadow is the darkest brown in the palette so you’ll know which one I’m talking about! Up next is my favourite gold shade ever Half Baked, this I have hit pan on and I was so happy when I heard it was in the Naked 2 palette, as you can see Accessorize have also included a pretty much identical gold shade, if you’re like me you will rejoice at this! Finally for this little section we have a lovely glittery shade Sidecar and the comparison from the 3rd row of the Lovely Day palette, both of these add to an smokey eye however the Lovely Day version doesn’t have as much fall out! We all know how Sidecar has the tendency to make you look a bit Cullen esque.

My next set of comparisons are more of the shimmery shades. First of all I have a little selection of colours which are similar to Toasted, which is a taupe shimmery colour which again is a great crease colour. Next is Virgin which is a gorgeous highlight shade, perfect for the brow bone and the Lovely Day palette also has a great highlight shade which isn’t a million miles away! Finally we have Sin, again a great highlight colour ( I love it so much I’ve hit pan) and this one from the Lovely Day palette is very similar and looks great in the inner corners of the eyes. So there we have the Naked and Lovely Day dupes, I hope you liked this post and if you’ve been after the Naked palette but couldn’t justify the price I’d recommend popping to Superdrug/Accessorize to pick this palette up instead. Like I said it has a lot more colours, there’s even navy’s so Caroline Flack fans can create a smokey eye similar to hers! 

On the left we have my favourite shades from Lovely Day and on the right we have some general other swatches. 

I hope you liked this post 🙂 I feel I’ve been writing it for ever! Right now I am off to pack as I am going back home this weekend as it’s my birthday on Tuesday (I’ll be 21 so go put it in your diary ;)) so we’re going to have a bevvy of celebrations and then I’ll just be spending some chill time with my Mum and sister (who has just finished her GCSE’s Go Hayley! I’m taking her a box full of beauty goodies home to say well done, her request of Tom Daley proved rather harder so nail polish will have to do) so I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I will try and keep posting regularly over the next few days but I’ll be on my Twitter (@dizzybrunette3) ranting/ waffling as usual. Have a great weekend and I’ll speak to you all soon 🙂 

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