Another hit from Zara: Studded Blouse Outfit


I decided today that I wanted a little trip into town, sitting in the flat can start to become boring and with the awful weather we’ve had the past few days even productive things such as taking photos to blog and film videos is really hard to do. So I braved the elements (the weather and all the kids on half term) to have a little mooch round the shops. As I mentioned yesterday I was due some results back yesterday from uni and I only got the one essay result back but it was a 2:1 (hurrah) the essay itself was one of the most boring/hard essays I’ve ever wrote so I was pleased I managed to get a 2:1 for it as that was one of the ones I thought may let me down. Maybe I’m not so dizzy after all! As I always do I thought a little reward was needed, you know for my hard work.. can you imagine what I will reward myself with if I get a good overall mark when I’m in NYC? Gosh I’d best get saving! So yes today the weather was vile, both rainy and windy which meant unfortunately no shorts for me. Boo.

Blouse: Zara

Jeans: ASOS 

I decided to wear my Zara studded blouse which I haven’t featured in a outfit post on here yet even though I’ve had it almost a month! I’ve worn it in a couple of videos though, but I have to say this blouse is a beauty. I bought this with my Ebay money (it was the only way I could justify paying so much for a blouse) and well it is beautiful. The material is so soft and luxurious and the studs are edgy but quite girly at the same time. I had been eyeing this up for a while before I bought it but as soon as I saw Louise MIC wearing it in the Dubai episode. I think you can dress it up or down and I always feel quite sophisticated and polished when I wear it. I paired it with some black petite jeans from ASOS today which I also love, but I’m hoping this horrible weather will soon shift so my denim shorts can come back out. I really do think that Zara’s clothes are really good quality and although some things are a little more pricey than stores such as H&M they are worth it. I had a little look round Zara today and saw quite a few things I liked but restrained myself! I did however reward myself with a playsuit from Primark which is such a find! I can’t wait to show it to you all cause I don’t think you’re going to believe it’s a Primark number, it’s also very Caroline Flack which I think you all know that means it’s a winner in my eyes. I also just want to mention this new Cutey Shamballa bracelet that I was recently sent, I quite like the shamballa bracelets and they’ve popped up on loads of different celebrities! I chose a pink one as pink is my favourite colour and I’ve been layering it with other beaded bracelets. Cutey have loads of cute (see what I did there) bracelets so definitely worth a look.

Shamballa Bracelet: Cutey*

Beads: H&M

Ring: Primark

Nails: Orange Flame by Nina Pro

So I hope you’ve all had a lovely Thursday, and none of you were blown away with the gusty winds. Apparently there’s going to be a yellow zone or something in the area I live in because the winds are going to be that strong! I think I will be staying indoors and if I do venture out it will be with bricks in my handbag! Have a lovely evening 🙂