Celebrate the Jubilee looking like a Queen (or a Princess)


I’m waving hello, but in theme of this post my wave is the half arsed type that the Royal Family tend to favour. Of course if you live in the UK you will know that we are currently in the midst of a Jubilee weekend! We are celebrating the queen being on the throne for sixty years, well to be honest we’re just excited to have an excuse to have parties, have an extra day off and to eat and drink lots! Due to my boyfriend working today and tomorrow and the weather being duff, we have no exciting Jubilee plans so I thought I’d write a Jubilee themed post instead. So we all saw the Queen sailing on the River Thames yesterday in a boat that looked a little like a floating Chinese restaurant and I realised that as much as the Queen is a remarkable icon for this country, my royal obsession lies with Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge can do no wrong in my eyes (scrap that, she does do wrong sometimes with those flesh coloured tights) but she is definitely one of my girl crushes. Number 4 in my girl crush list to be precise. So I had a little look in my make up bag and my bathroom cupboards and found some products that will help me (and you) get the Royal look aka Kate Middleton in time for the rest of the Jubilee celebrations today and tomorrow.

Soap and Glory: Glad Hair Day Shampoo: Now this is apparently something that Kate Middleton uses, want to know my source for this? My Mum, she told me this so that’s the source! Glad Hair Day is a really nice shampoo which cleans your hair and helps create shiny luscious hair which we all know Kate Middleton has. Even if Kate doesn’t use this, it will help us create a do’ which Kate would be proud of.

Yardley Royal Diamond Eau De Toilette*: Right then this is what I’m going to use this weekend to smell like royalty. Royal Diamond is the latest release from Yardley and I’m pretty sure it’s been released in time for the Jubilee. This fragrance is probably for the more mature lady, I quite like the smell but it isn’t something I’d typically reach for. It has a ‘touch of pear, bergamot and a subtle note of honey with a delicate floral bouquet of rose, peony and lily of the valley enhanced by a soft woody and vanilla base.’ Phew what a mouthful full of ingredients! This smells quite floral and you can definitely pick up that hint of pear! Like I said this isn’t what I’d normally reach for but it’s nice to have a change up of perfumes now and then and I’m pretty sure this is a scent I could see or should I say smell Kate Middleton wearing. Also good news Yardley’s Royal Diamond is at a special offer of £7.49 on their website!

Xen Tan: Face Tanner Luxe: Medium/Dark: So I received an newsletter from Xen Tan the other day claiming that Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa use Xen Tan. Of course this made me most excited as Xen Tan is the tan I use! Apparently to get Kate’s look she prefers Deep Bronze Luxe which is more of a golden tan and then her sister Pippa uses Dark Lotion which is what I use! Wahoo! Kate always looks lovely and tanned and I’ve always said if I met her I would ask her what fake tan she uses. I’m glad I received this email or I would of had to of sent a letter to the palace asking for the name of Kate’s tan.. you think I’m joking.. I’m not.  I own the Face Tanner Luxe which is the face version of the tan Kate supposedly uses, which means we can have matching tanned faces. Also the face tanner luxe smells of chocolate, I always have to stop myself from trying to eat it. I bet this is a problem that Kate does not have.

Bourjois Ultra Shine Nail Polish: Rose Lounge: This is one half of the polish Kate wore on her wedding day, so this means this weekend I will be adorning my nails with this colour and pretending I am a princess.

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner: Now everyone knows you can’t be a Middleton without lots of eyeliner! Kate is a girl after my own heart and likes her eyeliner, I sometimes wish she would blend it a little more but hey. I will be running this on my lower lash line and pretending I’m Kate and Pippa’s long lost cousin.

So there we have it, my little ways of celebrating the Jubilee with beauty products! Yesterday my boyfriend had the day off so we baked some cakes to eat whilst watching the Jubilee celebrations. I made a very flat Victoria Sponge and my boyfriend made some perfect (always the way) cupcakes. We decorated them pink and they were yummy! How have you spent the Jubilee weekend?

I’m off now to go eat some more cake or something like that, I’m excited to the Jubilee concert tonight, mainly because Cheryl is performing and then of course something more important than the Jubilee is on at ten pm… The Made In Chelsea season finale! Eeek what will I have to look forward to on Monday’s now? But what will happen? I’m hoping Professor Green makes an appearance as I’ve decided that him and Millie are my favourite celebrity couple. They’ve taken the top spot from Ant and Dec! (BTW I know Ant and Dec aren’t a couple, this was a joke and I’ve read their autobiography.. which is definitely worth a read if you like laughing.)