Debenhams A/W Press Day


So almost two weeks ago (jeez time does fly these days) I popped to London to have a look at Debenhams A/W press day. I was so excited when the invite popped up in my inbox as I’ve always wanted to go to a Debenhams press day as I spend a lot of time browsing that website and popping beauty products into my basket and then removing them when I realise I shouldn’t be spending money on expensive make up. The press day was held in a grand building in London, I think it was called Victoria House or something. It was so posh that there were men in suits on the doorway, I think they were doors men anyways, well I hope as I asked one where the toilets were so I could change my shoes. Seriously sometimes I am in awe of how cool I am. Once I’d changed my shoes and re collected myself I started to have a wonder round the press day. It was set out in the basement which meant on a hot day the temperature was about a 100 degrees, everyone was slightly sweaty it was nice. I felt like I should of been in a underground club raving the night away, instead I was cooing at duvet sets and lipstick. I had a quick look round the clothes but to be honest the home ware and beauty section impressed me the most.

The home section had lots of lovely delights that I added to a mental shopping list. I do love the Home sections in shops, you can’t beat a nice cushion or a ornament, no matter what my boyfriend says. There was a shabby chic influence on some of the products which of course was right up my street, vintage looking crockery and Cath Kidston inspired kitchenware seems to be very popular. I also loved the brightly coloured duvet sets which reminded me of a Moroccan Paradise and the brightly coloured kitchen utensils also caught my eye. I clocked down some ideas for when my boyfriend and I get a house sometime in the next couple of years and I’ll be sure to look in the Debenhams Home Section for when we do.

Next I looked round the beauty department which was what I was most excited about, being a beauty blogger and all. There was a huge shelf contraption with every shelf full of new releases for A/W which definitely got my pulse racing. There were so many lovely products that look so exciting. Some very expensive ones and some more in the lower end budget which was nice. Of course there was lots to see but what mainly caught my eye was the new launch of Philosophy skincare into Debenhams, a range I’ve heard good things about. The launch of Laurens Way tan, I’m not the biggest fan of Lauren ‘I was with Mark Wright for ten years’ Goodger but I have heard amazing things about the fake tan she launched. It’s supposed to be a really natural colour, smells like watermelon and is well just a very good fake tan. Previously you could only get it online or in certain salons so it’s good it will be so readily available in Debenhams. I’m sure once the Autumn is here I will have to give Lauren’s Way a go! I also was really interested in the new lip glosses that Benefit are launching, the lip glosses which are to match their famous blushes. So there will be a Coralista, Hoola, Sugarbomb etc. This really interested me as I have seen so much about Benefit’s blushes and I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before I finally purchase Coralista especially as Caroline Flack’s make up artist tweeted me saying that’s what blush she uses on Caroline. So to have the matching lip gloss is a great idea, I’m looking forward to seeing swatches and I’m pretty sure they will be priced at ¬£13.50.

So that was my favourite products from the day, there was also a little area where you could get your nails painted, eyebrows threaded, lash extensions and make up done but to be honest I didn’t know anyone else there so I was a bit of a Larry Loner and like I said it was really hot so I left and went for a quick lunch with my Dad who was also in London that day. Big thanks to the Kilpartick PR girls for inviting me and being so informative about all the products. We also received a generous goody bag and voucher, which was amazing. I’m getting through the products to review and I’m trying to work out what to spend my voucher on. At the moment I’m fancying a YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in one of the peachy shades!!

I hope you’ve all had a great Sunday, mine has been so lazy but that’s what Sundays are for. Also apologies for the Hawaiian Tropic take over at the top of my blog, this isn’t my doing so don’t be alarmed. Hopefully it will be sorted out tomorrow, but it says there’s a competition you can enter to win a trip to Miami so worth entering. We have to make the good out of a bad situation sometimes!! Have a lovely evening.