A Genius Invention: Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover Pot


It’s very rare that I buy a product and make my mind up about it straight away. Usually I take a couple of weeks to decide my opinion and then it gets a blog post, but this product may hold a new record in the quickness it’s being given a write up. On Sunday, so two days ago I finally caved and bought the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover pot, a product that has been seen on many, many blogs and featured in many videos. When you read blogs, it can be very easy to be sucked into a ‘blogger hype’ till about six months I would purchase any over hyped product and most of the time I was left feeling like I’d wasted my money and that I have an array of un used products which did nothing for me. These days I’m a little more careful with what I buy, even if it’s drugstore I don’t like wasting my money on a product that’s duff. The final straw came when I caved into the blogger hype of the Revlon Lip Butter’s, I managed to pick an unflattering shade and I decided enough was enough, no more buying products just because there’s an hype about them!

So when the hype of the Bourjois nail polish remover pot came about, I tried to ignore it. I decided why did I need this? I have cotton wool and nail polish remover and that’s all you need right? Well after probably about a month of seeing this little pot on various blogs and videos, I thought ‘hmm maybe I do need this.’ You see I have this weird thing about cotton wool, the texture of it gives me goosebumps so I figured maybe this would make removing nail polish easier? So I went to Boots, picked up one of the last two remaining and thought to myself ‘this better work.’ I tried this for the first time yesterday and well I think it may of changed my life. Okay slight over exaggeration there but this is a genius product. The pot consists of a sponge with a hole which you stick your finger into.. (apologies in advance for any innuendo’s that come out in the next few lines.. I have the sense of humour of a 12 year old) and then you twist it and ta da no more nail polish. Bourjois claim it takes just one second to remove your nail polish.. this is a lie. It takes about ten I’d say, also it’s not as easy as they claim with the ‘dip-twist-remove’ technique. The first time I used this I placed my finger in and left it for a second and removed it to see no nail polish had been removed! I was like ‘whaaaat?’ You definitely need some twisting action in there. Now some fingers like the twisting technique whilst others worked better with the in and out routine.. at one point it was quite awkward as it looked like my finger and the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover were having a ‘special cuddle.’

However all different techniques aside, this little pot makes removing your nail polish a lot quicker and easier. The sponge is quite comfy and provided quite an luxurious experience for my nails.This also smells so good, well it smells good after you’ve used it, so your nails smell all fruity once they’re removed of any nail polish which lingers.. it’s definitely nicer than that usual nail polish remover smell that you get. Though little tip, old dizzy brains here thought the actual pot smelt nice, so I opened it and had a good smell. I tell you what I almost passed out with the smell of the remover.. so don’t smell the contents in the pot, it’s just your nails that will smell nice. This is also acetone free which means it’s kind for your nails and has nourishing sweet almond oil to make them all soft. This pot is basically a hug for your nails.

So final verdict, yes £4.99 is pricey for a nail polish remover but this is something else. There’s a lot less mess, you can take your nail polish off in less than two minutes and your nails are given a bit of pampering. I used to only paint my nails once a week due to the faff but now I can see myself painting my nails a lot more.  You can get the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover from places like Boots and Superdrug. Have you used the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover? What did you think? I hope you’re all enjoying having an extra day off, it is so rainy here so I’m having a good old lazy day, which I think is what bank holidays should be all about 🙂