My Favourite Summer Nail Polishes: Neon & Pastels


Well what a horrible day it has been today, it has rained full stop from the time I woke up till well now! It’s also been really dark and I feel like I’m sitting in the middle of winter not June! So to bring a little brightness into a grey June day I thought I would show you my summer nail polish picks. I do love my nail polishes but I try to not buy very many any more, I have so many and so many colours I think it would be near impossible to find a colour I don’t have so these colours are just from my collection which are very well loved. It also dawned on me today that it’s one month and two days till we go to America (has a slight panic attack about the fact I don’t have long to get a bikini body) so it means I need to start planning my holiday nail colours and I’m pretty sure that my chosen ones will be from this selection! I’ve sorted them out into neon’s and pastels which are my two favourite type of summer nail polish shades.


L-R- Models Own Hedonist, Nina Pro Orange Flame and China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy 

Models Own & Hedkandi: Hedonist: This is the most gorgeously bright neon coral polish that there is. I had been looking for a colour like this for so, so long but had never found the perfect shade. I then saw this in Boots in the Models Own stand and basically fell in love. It’s the perfect neon coral I have been searching for, for years. It’s an amazing toe colour and looks bright coral in some lights and sunglasses neon coral in others. The best of both worlds. Such a perfect holiday colour.

Nina Pro: Orange Flame: Sorry to include a polish which is a little more hard to find, but this is one of my favourite neon orange shades it just had to be included. This you can pick up from Sally’s beauty supply, personally I’d try and find a near stockist as online the delivery is £4.75! Rip off! However if there’s none near and you’re desperate for this colour, with the delivery and the actual cost it’s only about £8 which is what you’d pay almost for an Essie polish in Boots. This is such a bright colour that is perfect for holidays, I’ve been wearing it this week and have fallen back in love with Orange Flame. Another neon orange version is another polish from the Models Own and Hedkandi range.

China Glaze: Flip Flop Fantasy: Okay this is my favourite ever neon nail polish. A bright Coral pink that makes you look so tanned! It’s an amazing holiday colour that catches everyone’s eyes. When I wore this last week so many of you commented on posts asking what colour it was and I even had people in shops ask me where it was from. It really is a gorgeous neon pink that I’m pretty sure will either adorn my fingers or toes when I go to NYC, Orlando and Miami! I know China Glaze is a little hard to find in the UK, I bought it from the ebay seller Beautyzone2007.


L-R- Look Beauty Flamingo, Essie Mint Candy Apple and Essie Fiji 

Look Beauty: Flamingo: When I first saw this shade I kind of fell in love with it. This is a pastel orange that looks great with tanned skin. It’s really creamy and opaque and a totally different colour to anything else I own! I also remember when I wore this the lasting power was amazing, I’m pretty sure I wore this for a week and I got hardly any chips at all. This is definitely a must have for holidays as you want a long lasting nail polish when you’re on holiday! Look Beauty have some lovely colours so definitely worth checking out!

Essie: Mint Candy Apple: So this is probably one of the most well know Essie nail colours, I bought this last year from Beautyzone2007 on ebay and well I’ve worn it many times since! This is a mint green/baby blue colour that looks so good on your fingers. It really is a lovely summery colour that looks fresh! Of course Essie can now be bought from Boots with a new formula which is great news as the old brushes and formula with some colours were a little bit dodgy. Definitely would recommend grabbing this polish though if you don’t already have it!

Essie: Fiji: Okay another Essie colour and a relatively new purchase but I just had to include this colour. Fiji is a baby pink/off white colour that looks so polished and neat on your nails. It reminds me of Utopia from Models Own but more pink based than lilac. I really love this polish and love wearing it on my fingers and toes. It looks so polished and manicured and definitely what I would call a princess colour. Also worth picking up from Boots as the new formula and brushes work really well 🙂

Okay so there we go my favourite summer polishes, I hope you’ve all had a good day despite the weather! What’s your favourite summer nail polishes? Right I’m off to have a little chill, there’s something about this weather that makes me just want to do nothing! The 30 day shred will have to start again tomorrow!